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Morgan Schneiderlin understands that he’s now in a rotation system

Morgan Schneiderlin, at his previous club Southampton, was a regular first team starter since 2008. He totalled 256 appearances for the Saints but at Manchester United, his place in the starting line up has not been very consistent.

The Frenchman has started in 8 of United’s 13 matches so far this season, and is yet to score or get an assist.

It seemed that Louis van Gaal’s system was to play Michael Carrick alongside Schneiderlin in the Premier League, and then set up with Bastian Schweinsteiger and Ander Herrera in the middle of the park during midweek fixtures.

But, injuries to Carrick and Herrera caused van Gaal to play Morgan and Bastian against Wolfsburg in midweek. The boss then rested Schneiderlin against Arsenal which massively backfired.

The Gunners were aloud to free roam through the Manchester United midfield, which was supposedly being manned by Carrick and Schweinsteiger. Schneiderlin’s defensive nature would have been a great asset in that game but instead, he didn’t play, and United lost 3-0.

On his current state as a squad rotation midfielder, Morgan Schneiderlin had this to say:

“I have played a lot of matches. The coach made a lot of changes in attack and even in midfield and you have to get used to it.”

“I used to play all the games with Southampton but things have changed. I happened to be on the bench, you have to take it philosophically.”

Despite Ander Herrera and Bastian Schweinsteiger currently recovering from injuries, all four central midfielders are expected to be fit for selection against Everton, next weekend.

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