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Luke Shaw leg break horror: Referee says he should have shown his red card

Manchester United’s first game back in the Champions League saw them lose 2-1, and lose Luke Shaw to a broken leg.

Héctor Moreno’s two footed tackle on the English left back, in the box, wasn’t deemed to be a sending off, or even a bookable offence, in the eyes of Pierluigi Collina.

But after reviewing the video footage of the event, Collina now admits that he should have sent off the Mexican centre back, who went on to score for PSV Eindhoven later in the game.

The referee now claims tha UEFA are now on a mission to make players aware that it’s not just about winning the ball. It can still be a foul if they get to the ball first.

Pierluigi Collina says:

“If you see the clip of PSV and Man Utd when Shaw was heavily injured, leg broken, the defender played ball and legs.”

“On the field of play, nobody reacted because what was perceived even by players on the pitch the ball was played and this season the thought of many if the ball is played it’s not even a foul.”

“We need to make people even the football community aware that if we want to protect the safety of the player, even challenges on the ball but very risky in terms of endangering the safety of the opponent can be punished, should be punished.”

“[Getting the] football is not everything, safety counts more than the football itself.”

“If you look at life speed, nobody reacted, not one single player, everyone saw the ball going away.”

“If you see in slow motion, you can see that the ball was hit by the knee of the defender and the other leg hard on the legs, that is certainly serious foul play, that should’ve been punished.”

“Even if you read the comments after the game there was a wide debate and different positions, based on images.”

“If you want to protect the safety of the players, there are two ways.”

“Convince the players not to take the risk and be strong in punishing challenges that can endanger the safety of an opponent.” 

Luke Shaw has been told that his earliest return time, after sustaining a double fracture in his right leg, is the middle of April, and Manchester United have no back up left back.

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