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Johan Cruyff slams Manchester United boss

One of the most legendary, if not the most legendary, Dutch footballers of all time has launched an attack on the Manchester United manager’s tactics.

Johan Cruyff is known to not be Louis van Gaal’s biggest fan but, in an interview with Sky Sports News, he has openly questioned his Dutch compatriot’s managerial methods.

Speaking to Sky Sports News the Cruyff had this to say about Louis van Gaal’s techniques at Manchester United:

“He doesn’t dominate. I like dominating football. Manchester doesn’t play like that,”

“It’s strange that against strong teams they’ve got good results and with weak teams they’ve had difficulties. That’s a strange situation.” 

“But the results I think are second. The game is first. Money is very important but always second.” 

“In England they play different, everybody has their own style. A mix of styles is always good.” 

“The most important part are the fans, that people going home are happy. It’s their time off and you should give them something to enjoy.”  

The feud’s origins are hard to pinpoint but, one reported incident involved a Christmas dinner which Cruyff hosted.

Van Gaal had to leave part way through due to his sister’s death. It was later reported that van Gaal fell out with Cruyff that night as Cruyff confronted Louis over him not thanking the host for the evening.

Johan responded to the reports with this:

“Nonsense. If Van Gaal actually said this, he has Alzheimer’s. Seriously, if someone thinks that of me, he lost the plot. He probably lost the whole trilogy.”

Whether or not Johan’s latest comments are based on his feud with van Gaal, some Manchester United fans would agree with him. The Red Devils haven’t been showing their recognisable attacking prowess that they used to show under Sir Alex Ferguson.

Having said that, United sit just 2 points behind Premier League leaders Manchester City.

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