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Manchester United Manager Does Not Want his England Star to Play  

Despite only scoring 1 Premier League goal so far this season, Wayne Rooney has been a crucial part to Louis van Gaal’s set up this season.

His goal production, and goal threat rate, has drastically dropped since he has been moved down the field, into an attacking midfielder role, but the Manchester Untied manager still knows that he is a key member of his squad.

Wayne Rooney, and the rest of the Manchester Untied squad, are currently away on international duty, a part of football that Louis van Gaal rues.

Following the 3-0 crushing defeat at The Emirates on Sunday, van Gaal has expressed his dislike of the international break, saying that it is getting in the way of him reforming his team, following the defeat.

The Manchester United manager had rested his players before the Arsenal game, but fears that they are still suffering from fatigue issues, the first half display against the Gunners would certainly suggest this.

Louis van Gaal has had this to say about his captain Wayne Rooney going away on international duty:

“He is the captain of the team. I would be very pleased, because Rooney is playing all the matches with me.

“But you cannot mix the interests of the English national team with Manchester United.

 “I shall be very pleased when he (Hodgson) spares him for a match, because England have already qualified. But he is still the captain. And I know that.”

United’s manager was also questioned if he was going to talk to Roy Hodgson about playing Wayne Rooney, he replied:

“He is a wise man.”

England play Estonia and Lithuania in their next Euro 2016 Qualifiers but, as they have already qualified, the Manchester United manager is hoping that Wayne Rooney will not be started.

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One reply on “Manchester United Manager Does Not Want his England Star to Play  ”

Whether Rooney plays for england in the qualifier or not, he is not going to be of any great value for any team, especially MU. I From the defeat to Gunners and the reply given by LVG tin the interview, i have no regards for neither of them. On Rooney he is over the hill and on LVG he has bought useless playets who has got no speed or intelligence. Depay & Darmin were terrible so also Carrick. Entire team played like a 3rd rated team. I strongly believe the matches against MC and Everton I am not going to watch I will get heart attack and we will be beaten black and blue. We do not one player to match the skills of Alexis, Ozil, Ramsay, Giroud, Oxlade who has the goal scoring ability. Again at MC, u have Raheem, Debryner, Navas, Aguero, YayaToure, Desilva

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