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Podcast SE3-EP8: "Will Wayne Rooney Come Good Again?"

Welcome to Episode 8 of season 3 of the RedMancunian: Manchester United Podcast, sponsored by CampoRetro. This week we are back in the studio to discuss the Sunderland and Wolfsburg matches at Old Trafford.

On this weeks show, we have Craig, Jay and Mark. If you wish to download direct to your phone, tablet or computer then you can do so by clicking DOWNLOAD.

Remember, you can of course send us feedback or questions for the podcast, simply by e-mailing [email protected] or directing a tweet to @RedMancunian. We record in our Manchester studio either on a Wednesday or Thursday if not doing outside broadcasts, so do make sure your questions are in with plenty of time to get noticed.


If you are here and new to the RedMancunian: Manchester United Podcast, (where have you been?) then fear not, it is so simple to subscribe via iTunes, click here to go direct – Click subscribe and get to podcast downloaded each week direct to your desktop, tablet or phone. We release a brand new episode every Friday morning at 10am, UK time. Reminders of each release are published on our Twitter account which is @RedMancunian.

Listen to this week’s episode, we hope you enjoy the show!

RedMancunian: Manchester United Podcast

Season 03 – Episode 07.

Manchester United Podcast



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One reply on “Podcast SE3-EP8: "Will Wayne Rooney Come Good Again?"”

Whats up with Rooney,can expect him to get slower with age but he seems to be knackered and really lost the skills he has.Now looks like he has been stripped of taking corners ,freekicks and penalties which he is good at,does,nt add up whats happening.Will be gone by january at this rate.

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