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Manchester United Boss Claims He’s Different to Legendary Premier League Managers

Manchester United manager, Louis van Gaal, has had a decent start to the 2015/16 season. His team are still in the Captial One Cup, on equal points to the rest of their Champions League group opponents and, are top of the Barclay’s Premier League.

The Dutch manager has claimed that he is different to Sir Alex Ferguson, and his opposite number this weekend, Arsène Wenger.

Louis van Gaal has said:

“Arsène Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson are other types I think. I like challenges and I always want more, so it’s also dependant on your character and what you want to do.”

“I have set my aims always in advance. It’s the same thing as what I’m doing now. I shall retire. I always do what I have said I’m going to do.”

“I spent eight years with Ajax, the first two as assistant, and then six years as manager. That was a very long time for the position I had of trainer-coach. At that time I was young and I wanted more.”

“I wanted to coach in Spain and I wanted to go to Germany. I was invited to coach the Dutch team and then I wanted to go back to that job a second time. I have been very lucky that clubs or national teams want me.”

United’s manager says that he’s going to retire at the end of his current contract, in June 2017, but Sir Alex Ferguson thinks he’ll resign for the Red Devils.

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One reply on “Manchester United Boss Claims He’s Different to Legendary Premier League Managers”

Don’t know whether it’s a “lost in translation” thing but LVG often comes out with vague and contradictory remarks making any real analysis quite difficult..

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