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Cristiano Ronaldo Knows that Wayne Rooney is a Great Player

Every season, Manchester United’s 3rd all time top goal scorer, and England’s all time top goal scorer, comes under unwarranted scrutiny.

Critics often portray Rooney as a pure striker, as though his only purpose is to score goals and he should be netting at least once every 2 games. But that’s where they stop. They don’t see all of the incredible work that he does for his team.

He’s exerts himself, non-stop, all over the field, constantly looking for opportunities to win back the ball and start up attacking plays.

The fact that he does so much play making and work in midfield, whilst scoring at least 14 goals a season, and setting up many more.

Manchester United, and football, legend Cristiano Ronaldo has spoken of his enjoyment whilst playing alongside Wayne Rooney.

In a BBC Documentary of Wayne Rooney, following him claiming the England top goal scorer record, Ronaldo had this to say:

“I miss him because we scored a lot of goals and had a great understanding on the pitch. He’s a great player and one of the best in the history of English football”

“He was the kid of England, all the fans loved him.”

“I was calling him ‘Pitbull’ in the changing rooms because of his hunger to score goals.”

“Wayne Rooney’s strength is his mentality and his constant desire to score goals for either Manchester United or England”.

“He’s a fantastic lad and he helped me a lot when he came to join us in Manchester. It wasn’t easy to adapt and he was always helping me. We had a great friendship during the 6 seasons I played at Old Trafford”.

Rooney and Ronaldo have also clarified the events of the infamous 2006 World Cup quarter final incident, where the Portuguese winger was instrumental in the Englishman’s sending off.

Cristiano has said:

“I don’t regret what I did because when you play for your country, you defend your colours so… I didn’t do nothing bad.” 

“He understood my point of view, let’s speak about the present, let’s win trophies, let’s play together like we did.” 

“We were still friends. People create big dramas that never exist.”

Wayne accounted the same point of view:

“I understood why he did it. He was trying to win for Portugal..” 

“And to be honest I would probably do the same if it was the other way round. I would want to win for England.”

“I would have probably [tried to get him sent off], yes” 

“In the first half I was saying to the referee that he was diving, trying to get him a yellow card,” 

“That happens in football. Players speak to the referees which isn’t always highlighted. But that does happen.”

“I spoke to him straight after the game,” 

“I knew what the media would say – the two of us had fallen out.”

“To be honest, we had to make sure that didn’t happen for Manchester United’s sake because the tournament for me and England was over. There was never an issue.”

Both players display an incredible commitment to their country and to Manchester United.

If Cristiano Ronaldo, arguably the best player in the world, says that Rooney is a great player than it’s very hard to argue otherwise.

The Englishman actually had his best goal scoring seasons after the Ronaldo left for Madrid, scoring 34 goals in both the 2009/10 season and the 2011/12 season. He even scored 19 goals and assisted 22 during the dreadful season of the Moyes.

Wayne Rooney has 5 goals and an assist in 9 Manchester United games so far this season, and now that he’s off the mark in the Premier League, he’ll be scoring many more.

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One reply on “Cristiano Ronaldo Knows that Wayne Rooney is a Great Player”

Big difference between ‘was’ and ‘is’. Rooney was a great player but it’s hard to justify that he still is.

As for his mate Ronny, well he’s not going to say that his pal is past it, now is he?

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