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5 Reasons Why Cristiano Ronaldo Could Return To Manchester United Next Summer

I realise that you must be as bored as I am with the press reporting that Cristiano Ronaldo is coming back to Manchester United, but now he’s getting very close to a move away from Real Madrid.

He may come to Manchester United or he may go to Paris Saint-Germain but, it looks very likely that he’s going to leave Los Blancos this summer, and here’s why:


  1. Nothing Left to Win with Real

Cristiano’s already won everything at Real Madrid. Every possible trophy and award is in his trophy cabinet. He’s also boasts 10 Real Madrid scoring records and in only a couple of goals away from 2 more.

One of the best things about Ronaldo is that he’s ambitious and wants to win every possible trophy, so if he has a chance to, he might move to another club to win more trophies.

One of the worst things about being at Madrid is that they are in Barcelona’s shadow. They’ve only won the league once since Ronaldo joined; their team sees far too much turnover each season to get chemistry in the team.

This would make Paris Saint-Germain favourites to snap up the best player in the world as he hasn’t played in France before however, he may also want to return to the club that made him to boost them during their turbulent time.


  1. He’s Not a Fan of the New Boss

It has been widely reported that he does not like the new Real Madrid manager, Rafa Benítez. Although he’s still knocking in the goals and playing up to his very high standard, he disagrees with Rafa’s methods.

This could greatly influence his decision to sign a new contract at the Bernabéu but, if he’s thinking long term, he will not have to put up with the ex-Liverpool manager for long. Not only is he particularly lacking in calibre, in comparison to the manager which came before him but, managers at Real Madrid are as dispensable as toilet paper. Benítez won’t be there for more than a couple of seasons.

If Real Madrid were to sell the Portuguese legend at the end of this season, in coming to United, he would only have to deal with Louis van Gaal for a season, and then it’s very likely that his old friend and team mate, Ryan Giggs, will take the helm.


  1. Balagué Knows

Guillem Balagué, Sky Sports’ Spanish Football Expert, has been quoted as saying that everything is set for Ronaldo to leave the Spanish Capital. Speaking to Sky Sports News HQ, Balagué said:

“This could be his last year. It is quite clear there is a strategy in place, both by Real and from Ronaldo, to push the situation to a limit next summer.”

“He still has two years left on his contract, he will have to either renew his contract, or Real will have to accept an offer for him from PSG, or whoever.”

“As I have said for months, everything is ready for him to go back. All the finances are in place if he decides to join them. But… in my eyes, it doesn’t make sense at all for him to go back. He is a different player, United is a different club,”

“He keeps dreaming of going to United, but it does not make sense as United are in a different place and he would be fighting with his own shadow. But the financial situation is there for United to get him.”

 Guillem was the first to report that the David De Gea deal has broken down this summer and is very deep and in touch with the Spanish football scene. If he says Ronaldo’s set to leave then he’s set to leave.


  1. Just 2 Years Left

Ronnie’s contract expires in two season, and as is the way with Madrid, they’ll look to cash in him this summer rather than letting him go on a free. Plus, it’ll make space in their starting eleven for whatever new “Galácticos” Los Blancos decide to bring in.

Ronaldo, although he is a fan favourite, hasn’t had the easiest time at Real Madrid. He’s seen so many of his good friends be flung out by the club, such as Ángel Di María. He’s also under constant scrutiny by the Spanish press, claiming that Lionel Messi is far better than he is, despite the stats saying otherwise.

If he was to come back to Manchester United, he would already loved by every single Red Devils fan and, even though he’d be competing with his previous performances, he’s now a more experienced and stronger player so could possibly out do himself, but fans would understand if he didn’t.


  1. It’s the Best Time to Abandon Spain

A brand new concept has been introduced to La Liga and will take effect next season. The concept is “Justicia” or in English, Fairness. For years now, Real Madrid and Barcelona have been bleeding La Liga’s TV money, with each of them taking three times more than the next highest club.

The movement came about when Atlético Madrid won La Liga but still received less than a third of the TV revenue compared to Barcelona and Real, who they trampled in the league.

A new ruling has been made, to be implemented next season, where 50% of the overall revenue is to be distributed evenly, 25% will be shared out dependant upon league finish and the other 25% will be dependant upon other variables.

But Atlético and the other victim clubs of La Liga (everyone except Barça and Real) are threatening strikes if the legislation isn’t changed. In the print of the deal, it says that no club can earn less than they did in 2014 for at least 6 years. So when clubs like Málaga are receiving their slightly improved deals, they’ll the lose income in order to compensate Real Madrid and Barcelona.

La Liga looks to be in turmoil, and if justice is found, then Real Madrid and Barcelona should be too. Until a fair deal is found in Spain then the league will be in uproar, as it should be, and a player on the extravagant wages of Cristiano Ronaldo could suffer for it.

Manchester United and Paris-Saint Germain are in very stable leagues, both competing for European success, and both competing for the league each year, PSG more so than United.

Also, both clubs have the finances in place to accommodate Cristiano’s contract needs and potential transfer fee.

The best piece of hope for Manchester United fans is that Sir Alex Ferguson still plays a key role at the club. Cristiano holds the Scotsman in very high regard and, if Ferguson says it’s time to come back, Ronaldo will listen.

When Sir Alex received his Diamond Achievement Award, following his retirement as the Red Devils boss, and instatement as club ambassador, Ronnie sent in a video recording congratulating him and thanking him for making him into the player that he is. Ronaldo finished his speech with a very exciting comment for United fans:

“We’ll keep in touch.”

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Really interesting article!! What Balagué said is interesting, maybe PSG be better for him, but how incredible would it be to have Ronaldo back! Last point is eye-opening, I can’t believe Atlético got less than a third even though they won!! Crazy.

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