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Shaw’s Assailant Speaks Out

In Manchester United’s loss to PSV Eindhoven, in the Champions League last night, the Red Devils took an early set back with an injury to left back Luke Shaw.

In the 15th minute, Shaw went on a fantastic run; breaking into PSV’s box, just as he was looking to make an attempt on goal centre back Hector Moreno flew across, put in a desperate two-footed-sliding-scissor-tackle in order to stop the attack.

The Mexican’s challenge went unpunished by referee Nicola Rizzoli, but Shaw ended with two fractures in his right leg. He’s now expected to miss between 3 and 6 months.

Following the challenge, the cameras did pan to Moreno who did not looked pleased with his tackle. He also stuck around the medics and checked in with Shaw before he was carted off of the Philips Stadion pitch.

After the game, the Mexican centre half had this to say:

“I know how it feels, I know how difficult such a thing. I feel very bad about it, I am so sorry.”

 In June last year, Hector Moreno was out of action for 5 months when he suffered a Tibia fracture, so he knows the pain that Shaw suffered.

Moreno obviously didn’t intend to cause any damage to United’s left back but he also didn’t deserve to go unpunished. It was a bad, two footed tackle, in the box. Any reasonable referee would have at least booked him for the challenge and given Manchester United a penalty.

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