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Does De Gea’s return spell the end of Romero?

As everyone knows, Real Madrid failed immensely when trying to sign Manchester United’s top keeper, David De Gea.

But, the Spaniard staying at Old Trafford, despite only having a year left on his contract, could spell the end of Sergio Romero’s term as United’s first choice goalkeeper.

Romero’s keeping his faith though; he has confidence that coach Louis van Gaal trusts him in net. Speaking to La Nacion, Romero said:

“Playing for United is a dream and if God helps me this dream will never end,”

“As I have been saying, I have to thank Van Gaal for trusting me.”

“But let me tell you, I don’t think that the goalkeeper spot in United is already mine. I do know that I have a huge support from Van Gaal and his staff. Although I had not done a pre-season, I started playing for the biggest club in the world. It’s important for a goalkeeper to have this support.”

“That is because there is no rotation between goalkeepers – a goalkeeper starts or he is benched. They are the only two choices – there is not a third one. And Van Gaal has given me his trust.”

De Gea seems to be match ready, based on his start for Spain last night in their Euro qualifier. But if van Gaal sticks with Romero, United fans will be praying for a better performance, than that in the Swansea game.

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3 replies on “Does De Gea’s return spell the end of Romero?”

A Kenyan Manchester united fan!I do feel we are losing originality and identity of our club whenever we sell our academy players.Currently we do have Wazza and Smalling as the only ‘original’ Manchester united players assured of 1st 11!

Neither Rooney or Smalling are academy products. Adnan, Wilson, McNair, Johnstone are the ones who are. Seems as though we will soon reach the stage that no academy products make the match day squad.

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