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Pereira speaks of van Gaal’s Apparent dislike of Brazilians

Andreas Pereira, one of Manchester United’s top prospects, has spoken out about claims concerning Louis van Gaal’s apparent dislike of Brazilian players.

The Dutch coach has been seen to have some high profile mishaps with Brazilians, such as his spat with Rivaldo during his Barça and his more recent treatment of Rafael at United.

Not only did he play Antonio Valencia out of position in order to not field Rafael, but he also sold the Brazilian to Lyon for well under his real value, the French side basically got him on a free.

But Perieira has denied the accusations aimed towards his boss. They young Brazilian has stated:

 “My relationship with him is normal, just like all the players. I don’t think he had this business with Brazilians, no,”

 “Everyone says that he sends Brazilians away, it’s not so. He treats me normal and equal to everyone. I don’t think he has anything against Brazilians. Everyone can say what they want, but with me it’s going good.”

 “The World Cup helped a lot. When I returned, the manager liked it a lot. For me, it was a great pre-season I played well in games, and participated in the majority.”

 “The manager said he didn’t want me to be loaned. He said I had to have patience that I had to continue working hard, that he would give me an opportunity.”

Pereira was expected to go out on loan this summer but LvG has kept him in the team, hopefully he’ll get some first team opportunities.

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