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Manchester United Fantasy Football Overview  

The prices and points earned are according to the Sky Sports Fantasy Football but the player reviews would be applicable to other fantasy football sites. Below, sorted by fantasy position, you’ll find their name, cost, points earned and rating out of 5.

Hopefully this helps if you’re planning on putting a Red Devil into your line up.



Sergio Romero, £5.3 million, 21pts, 3/5
Romero did ok in the first games, it was mainly the defence and midfield that kept the clean sheets though. After the Swansea beat down you can see why he was Sampdoria’s second choice keeper. Plus if De Gea signs a new contract, it’s very unlikely that he’ll start again. But for now, he’s their first choice keeper.

David De Gea, £5.9 million, 0pts, 2/5
The Spaniard is world class, and hopefully he’ll sign a new contract at Old Trafford after the Madrid betrayal but, van Gaal is stubborn. De Gea will need to regain fitness first, and then wait for Romero to play poorly again or, the manager will play him straight away as he’s world class. If he’s going to start a match then he rises to 4/5, because he’s quite pricey for a keeper.

Sam Johnstone, £4.6 million, 0pts, 0/5
Just no. He’s only 22, is very inexperienced, and may not even get to play cup games due to United’s absurd depth in goal.

Victor Valdes, £5.7 million, 0pts -2/5
Oh yes, that’s a minus. Not only does van Gaal loathe the ex-Barça keeper, but he also looked weak in his 2 United appearances. Johnstone will most likely be picked ahead of him. Plus, he costs nearly as much as De Gea which is insane.


 Chris Smalling, £6.9 million, 26pts, 5/5
The Englishman has been superb this season, his performances only being matched by Darmian. He also has the most fantasy points for United. Not only has he been solid at the back, contributing greatly to the clean sheets, but is also a goal threat. When the Red Devils have found themselves lacking in attack, he will go up top and bully defenders to win crosses. He’s a bit expensive but is well worth it.

Luke Shaw, £6.5 million, 23pts, 4/5
The left back has been getting points for the great defensive performances but the big upside about Shaw is that he likes to attack. He’ll often overlap and get crosses into the box which means that there’s potential for assist points.

Matteo Darmian, £6.7 million, 21pts, 3/5
The 3 isn’t a reflection of his performances as a Red, as he’s been immaculate. However he does lack the attacking prowess of Smalling or Shaw. He’s part of a decent, clean sheet keeping defence but will fall behind when the others get their occasional goals and assists and, his price tag is quite hefty for someone who isn’t really a goal threat.

Antonio Valencia, £6.6 million, 2pts, 1/5
This price is far too high for a second choice right back who doesn’t look like ever getting past Darmian however, before van Gaal, he was an awesome right winger. If Mata gets injured, or falls out of favour, and the Dutch coach plays Valencia right wing, which he should, assists are certain to come. This also means that you’ll have a midfielder in a defender spot so technically, there could be 2 defenders, 6 midfielders and 2 strikers in your line up. Life hack achieved.

Phil Jones, £6.4 million, 0pts, 1/5
If it wasn’t for an unfortunate injury at the start of the season, Jonesy looked set to start at the back with Blind. But, Smalling has muscled into his spot and doesn’t look like giving it up. Blind’s recent poor performances and lack of physical play may put him out of favour when Jones returns though.

Marcos Rojo, £6.5 million, 0pts, 2/5
He’s taken his extra leave, been in training and has reportedly turned down 5 offers from other clubs to fight for his United spot. If van Gaal chooses to switch Blind out, Rojo must be top of his list to replace him. A Smalling – Rojo pairing would also increase the likelihood of a clean sheet.

Paddy McNair, £5.0 million, 0pts, 0/5
It’s very unlikely that McNair will play anywhere as much as last season and hopefully he’ll be loaned out so he can gain some experience. He’s bottom of the pecking order for both of his playable positions (right back and centre back).


 Juan Mata, £8.5 million, 17pts, 4/5
United’s joint top goal scorer, with 1 goal, is being played out of position by the manager (as are many United stars) but, he still looks eager to score. He’s always loitering in the middle of the box. If goals are to come from a midfielder, he’ll be the one scoring them.

Daley Blind, £6.8 million, 15pts, 1/5
His points spike came from receiving a man of the match award but, being listed as a midfielder, he doesn’t get points for clean sheets thus rendering him futile, in fantasy terms.

Morgan Schneiderlin, £7.0 million, 11pts, 4/5
His defensive midfield style of play has been crucial to United this season. He’s always a good bet to pull in either a passing or tackling bonus. He’s quite a big guy, so is also a goal threat on set pieces but, his defensive role (and extreme commitment to that role) will draw in multiple bookings this season. The Frenchman is also quite modestly priced.

Memphis Depay, £7.9 million, 7pts, 3/5
Van Gaal has a lot of faith in the young Dutchman which will, eventually, pay off. Depay is only interested in attacking, crossing and surging into the box which makes him a great threat for goals and assists. He still shows a lot confidence and enthusiasm. It’s not long before he starts scoring but, he’s got a higher price tag than some strikers, who are scoring.

Bastian Schweinsteiger, £8.6 million, 7pts, 2/5
Being in such a well crafter central midfield roster, it’s uncertain how many games the German will start, which lowers his points value. When he’s on the field he has the ability to thread assists but is unlikely to play more than 60 minutes for the near future. He is far too expensive for someone who won’t start every game, and isn’t scoring or setting up goals.

Michael Carrick, £6.5 million, 6pts, 4/5
Don’t get him yet! He’s injured. But when he recovers he would be a good addition to your line up. Carrick is a very cheap midfielder, especially if you consider how good he is at passing. He’ll get a lot of pass bonuses and some assists.

Ashley Young, £6.8 million, 4pts, 2/5
There’s no doubt that he was Louis’ golden boy last season, the Englishman even managed to kick record signing Di María out of his best position, which is said to have resulted in the sale of the Argentinean. But since signing a new contract, he’s been kicked for Depay.  There is a very good chance that when Young’s next start comes, he’ll keep his place. Consider him a sleeper until he’s on the team sheet, then he’ll be quite a cost effective, and productive, selection.

Ander Herrera, £7.0 million, 3pts, 2/5
His role in the United line up is yet to be forged, despite fan outrage at his regular exclusion. But with Carrick’s injury, and Bastian not being fully fit yet, he should see more game time than he has done so far. When on the field, he links up well with Rooney and has a great eye for goal. He should put up good numbers if selected.

Marouane Fellaini, £7.2 million, 1pts, 1/5
He may occasionally score a header and he may be a bit of a cult hero amongst the Old Trafford faithful but, he is not a good player, especially for fantasy. He’ll never get a passing (as he is incapable of kicking the ball to a team mate) or tackling bonus (as he can’t tackle, and gets out muscled by players like Ayew) and he’s always getting booked. He comes on, elbows people (because apparently he’s not tall enough to win an aerial ball without doing so), moans about it and gets booked. At £7.2 million you’d expect him to be a regular starter, or at least a consistent goal scorer, he is neither.

Jesse Lingard, £5.3 million, 0pts, 0/5
He will barely play this season; hopefully he gets loaned out to get some match practice.

Nick Powell, £3.9 million, 0pts, 0/5
Another youngster who will barely play but, having just returned from injury, and being in his last year of contract, he will be looking to impress, if he ever plays. He will get very few chances to do this though.


Wayne Rooney, £9.6 million, 8pts, 2/5
Until he’s played alongside another striker, he will not put up his usual great numbers. Playing up top on his own is too restricting for the Englishman and isolates him from the team. When he scores, it’s because of his own hard work, which he can’t do when on his own. But, if Martial starts to join him in the line up, Rooney’s numbers will soon rocket, no matter how Martial performs.

Anthony Martial, £7.5 million, 0pts, 1/5
How, or if, he’ll be used is yet to be seen. Van Gaal telling the kid that he thinks that he can play in a number of positions lowers his fantasy value as he’s a young, specialised striker, and still learning his trade. If he gets into the line up, he will produce, maybe not a lot at first but, with any of Depay, Mata, Carrick, Schneiderlin, Schweinsteiger, Herrera, Young, Valencia or Rooney setting him up, he’s bound to score eventually. Only get him if he’s playing, if you lack cash and have another top striker in your team.

James Wilson, £6.4 million, 0pts, 0/5
He’s not ready for Premier League football and it looks like he’ll be going out on loan for the remainder of the season. This will be good for the youngster. The only reason someone would put Wilson in their team is to stop the points leak from Mad-Monster-Mitrović.

Hope this helps your fantasy team considerations, but keep in mind that Manchester United face arch rivals Liverpool this weekend, so cards will most likely be flying around the pitch.

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