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Keylor Navas was Desperate for United Switch  

The summer transfer window was dominated by Real Madrid’s hunt of Manchester United keeper David De Gea.

The agreed upon deal was that Keylor Navas, and a sum of £29 million, was to come to Old Trafford for United’s world class keeper.

When the Spanish window shut, the English still had another day left. So when the De Gea to Madrid move failed, technically Navas could have still come to United.

According to reports, once the Spanish transfer window closed, and the De Gea to Real deal ended in an epic Los Blancos fail, Navas still tried to push for his transfer to Old Trafford.

It was an extremely futile attempt as Real Madrid would have been left with only one first team keeper. The Costa Rican has been left “disgusted and disillusioned” with the fact that his current club were so ready to be rid of him.

Now Madrid are left with a disheartened target who’s set to sign a new contract with the Red Devils and; a first choice keeper who now dislikes his current club because of how they’ve treated him.

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One reply on “Keylor Navas was Desperate for United Switch  ”

Stop blaming eachother Manchester United and Real Madrid. Just make sure that the switch wont go wrong in January. Navas to United and De Gea to Madrid. All happy once again and in the meantime, honor football al ya..

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