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Bayern rejected a “very high” offer from Manchester United

Despite van Gaal stating time and again that he didn’t need another striker, and then he got one. On deadline day Manchester United made their most expensive signing of the summer in Anthony Martial, for £36 million.

It has now emerged that Ed Woodward may have had his sights set on more than just the one striker.

Bayern Munich’s chairman, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, has stated that he rejected a “very high” offer for Thomas Müller.

Rummenigge hasn’t stated which club made the “very high” offer but, based on the lack of attempts from other clubs, and the publicised pursuit by United, it seems very likely that it was the Red Devils who were behind the “very high” offer.

Bayern’s chairman said:

“I’m talking about figures which were very high indeed,”

“If I were a bank manager then I would have had to accept it.”

“But as a football club we allowed ourselves to close the door on it, and this door is remaining closed. I can promise that to everybody.”

“But one thing is for certain, in view of the increased television money in England things are not going to get any easier for Bayern in future.”

After United took Bastian Schweinsteiger from the Allianz Arena, Rummenigge vowed that no more of his players would be sold to the Red Devils.

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