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Manchester United Launch Bulova Watch  

Manchester United and Bulova have teamed up again to create a Red Devils watch. The watch has been created to reflect United’s rich history.

Below are the specifications that reflect Manchester United’s history in the watch:

  • The 1878 at the 18- and 78-minute markers recognises the Club’s beginning as a team of railway workers and its original green and gold colours. 

  • A flourish of train track, between the 12-hour and 18-minute markers, signifies the importance of the Lancashire & Yorkshire railroad to Manchester’s development as the world’s first industrial city. 

  • The 7th hour on the watch, in bold red, is a nod to the #7 shirt, worn by many of the Club’s most memorable players. 

  • A blacked out 23-minute marker commemorates the fatalities in the tragic 1958 plane crash, killing eight players, journalists and supporters. 

  • The “United Trinity”—Best, Law, Charlton—is honoured by the red 7-, 9- and 10-minute markers on the watch, representing their shirt numbers. 

  • A red 20-minute marker highlights the Club’s league title haul—the highest in English history. 

  • Iconic details include the Red Devil and the Club crest on both the crown and face. 

  • The strap is made from vintage-inspired genuine leather to pay homage to the footballs used in the early years of the game. 

The watch costs £350 and can be purchase from the Manchester United online store, United Driect.

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