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De Gea is Considering a New Contract  

Following Real Madrid’s failings in trying to complete the transfer of David De Gea, United are left with a world class keeper in a bit of a limbo.

He has just a year left on his contract and Real Madrid have stated that they won’t go for the Spaniard in the January transfer window.

There are two reasons why De Gea should sign a new contract. The first is that he’ll show his commitment to the manager and the club and will be able to reclaim his first team spot. This will put him in contention to be Spain’s number one keeper in the upcoming Euros.

The second reason is that he owes it to Manchester United. Fans, staff and the club stuck by him in his early, not so good, years, and have made him into the world class keeper that he is today.

However, if he doesn’t sign a new contract, despite potentially being left on the bench all season by United’s stubborn manager, he will then be a top young keeper able to take his pick of clubs, meaning that he could get a lot more money.

David De Gea has been a model professional throughout the Real Madrid fiasco, and has in no way disrespected the club, it’s staff or it’s fans.

Hopefully he signs a new contract so that the club that cultured him, into the star that he is today, gets a fair fee for his sale, instead of nothing.

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