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United Watching Benzema

With Manchester United flopping in front of goal, lacking a true striker and, Rooney not performing in his unfamiliar role, it seems only logical that United will at least try to acquire a top class striker.

Louis van Gaal stays adamant, in press conferences, that he doesn’t need a new striker. The Dutchman is either being very cautious as to disclosing his transfer targets to the public, and potential rival bidders or; he holds too much confidence in the beief that he can change Rooney’s play style and he’ll be just as good as a striker. Hopefully it’s the former as Rooney will not perform to his best as a striker.

In 2009, when the French wunderkind Karim Benzema was going to make his big move away from Olympique Lyon, United had put down the ground work and had almost secured his signature. Until Real Madrid got wind and hijacked the move.

Once Benzema gained some experience and phased Higuain out of the line up, he’s become Real Madrid’s lone striker. He’ll spend his games being fed by Madrid’s world class playmaking midfield.

If he was to make the move to Old Trafford he’d be playing in a similar situation. He wouldn’t have the epic calibre of players supplying him but would have great playmakers setting him up that are desperate to get the goals flowing.

All of Depay, Mata, Rooney, Schneiderlin and Carrick would be looking to tee up Benzema in each game. This would also allow Rooney to play off of a top striker, which is when he plays his best and scores the most.

The 27 year old French international is one of the best strikers in the world and has 134 goals in 281 Real Madrid Appearances.

However, even if a deal did go through it seems unlikely that Benzema would trade in the easier league matches and playing alongside Cristiano Ronaldo for the hard tackles of the Premier League and possibly having Fellaini alongside him.

There’s the added problem that if United can arrange a deal for Benzema then Arsenal would come in for the player as well. The Gunners have been linked to the striker all summer and so would look to hijack any possible United move for Benzema.

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