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Forgiving little pea, Javier Hernandez

In November 2014 I wrote an article for a Manchester United webzine called “Little time for little pea”. My state of mind was perhaps questionable, but it was probably one of my better articles. Javier Hernandez was always one of my favourite United players and after a less than impressive campaign under David Moyes he had suddenly been loaned to Real Madrid for what was reported as a “dream move”. At the time I suppose I felt betrayed by the man I had once considered the heir to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer; and to make matters worse I was constantly absorbing popular media headlines like “Hernandez ends his UNITED NIGHTMARE” and “Happy Hernandez will end career at Real”. All the headlines were pointing to the same ABU conclusion and it was enough to make my blood boil. These headlines were of course complete and utter turd and in hindsight a poor excuse for journalism but hey ho, shit happens.

For Hernandez I couldn’t really see what had changed, he was still a bench player competing with the likes of Karem Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale for a place in the Real Madrid first team, in contrast to Wayne Rooney, RVP, Radamel Falcao and James Wilson. It felt to me like a bad move for Hernandez and I realise that sounds ridiculous and it’s not meant as disrespect to Real Madrid because they are one of the biggest clubs in the world in their own right. But there is just something about Javier Hernandez that has never really fitted the Real Madrid mould. Last minute winners, fighting for every ball in 90+ minutes. These characteristics can only describe a number of things, one is Manchester United football club and the other is Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez; and no matter how hard he tries to escape that very fact, United and Chicharito at their best are one and the same beast.

Hernandez has now of course come to the end of his loan deal with Madrid, after Los Blancos did not opt to sign him on a permanent deal. The Mexican now intends to join his Manchester United team mates on the club’s pre-season tour of America on Saturday. With Radamel Falcao and Robin van Persie leaving Old Trafford this summer, Van Gaal has made it clear that Chicharito has the opportunity to prove himself and put himself in the frame for what may have seemed like an unlikely return to the Old Trafford first team just a few months ago.

I would like to see Chicharito head to the States and do his upmost best to put himself in the frame next season. If he fails I don’t care, but to have tried, that I will respect until the end of my days. He owes me that, he owes United supporters that, it’s a worthy attitude for all the United fans who have supported him during his career. Not taking the easy way out and wimping off to Spurs where there is nothing to prove. There are still vast amounts to achieve at United and a lot of doubters to prove wrong. To show his character now would really be something, to show the fight we once admired, only then can I start forgiving little pea and he the same for me. Only then will we see the best from Javier Hernandez.

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By Sophie Flynn

Sophie Flynn is a freelance journalist and blogger from Anglo-Irish roots. Her obsession with United started in 1994 and she's been a regular match goer ever since. Her favourite players include Eric Cantona, Roy Keane and Denis Irwin.

4 replies on “Forgiving little pea, Javier Hernandez”

Javier hernandez really deserves a chance for trial from man united…. he’s been a hard working player right from the start.
I’m so happy for your article Sophie, it’s just like u poured out my mind.
Goodluck Little pea…..I call him “chichi”

He is my favorite player, United my favorite team. The problem I have is that LVG made it clear that he still had no faith in Chicharito. That he felt that one goal didn’t make him a better player in his eyes, referring to the CL winner. I really feel he needs to find a team that truly wants him to play, not just sell shirts. I hate that he is not first choice or even second at United and I definitely do not blame him for trying to find another home. Why would he want to be another Ole, when he could be a number one some place else. In all honesty, I believe his return will be very short lived. As unfortunate as that may be.

….and he claimed too then that he was joining the greatest club in the world, no doubt a veiled swipe at my beloved Reds,, I’d rather see him gone for good!!

Chicharito is a professional. Even if he ends up leaving, he will give 110% while at United, as he always has. I would love to see Van Gaal give him a legitimate chance but i doubt that will happen. I think VG will buy a another striker or two and Chicharito will be off.

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