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What Manchester United Can Expect From Bastian

Just Incase You Didn’t Know Already

Bastian Schweinsteiger is world renowned for being one of the best, and highly decorated, central midfielders in the game today. With Bayern Munich, his only professional first team club, he has won: 8 Bundesligas; the Champions League; the UEFA Supercup; the Club World Cup and; 11 other domestic titles. On top of this he won the World Cup last year with Germany. He has 500 caps for Bayern Munich, during which he has scored 68 goals and set up 101 goals. Schweinsteiger is also currently Germany’s captain and has 23 goals in 111 games for Deutschland.

World Cup Hangover Season

The German midfielder missed the first 11 games for Bayern, last season, due to injury but in his remaining 28 games he scored 5 times and got 8 assists. In the season before (2013/14) He got 8 goals and 5 assists in 36 games so it could be seen that he put up his standard numbers but in 8 fewer games.

He also doesn’t have a bad record against Premier League clubs. In the 10 matches he’s played against and English side, in the Champions League, he has scored 3 goals and got an assist. This puts his average goals per game average against Prem teams (30.0 gpg) to be better than his overall career goals per game average (13.6 gpg).

Schweinsteiger’s Play

The man on the way out of the Allianz Arena, has a great ability to control the midfield with his strong presence and technical passing. He can slow down play, create an attack and spray the ball all over the pitch. He isn’t the quickest off the mark but more than makes up for that with his superb vision formed from over a decade of top level football.

At Manchester United, Bastian could play anywhere across central midfield. He has the ability to play and attack, holding or defensive role, but most importantly it will add depth to a team that has been a season without playing in Europe during midweek. He will be a vital cog in the rotation of the midfield next season.

He’s Past His Prime! So…

There have been some criticisms emerging from the football world, such as from Ex-Liverpool player Jamie Carragher, implying that the Schweinsteiger buy is a poor one because he’s past his prime. This may be true, but he’s still a hell of a lot better than the vast majority of Premier League midfielders and a lot of those in the Champions League. To bring it back to Carragher’s comments, Bastian is a million times better than Jordan Henderson will ever be, even now in his waning years.

He’s needed to pull a shift in a team that wants to put in a solid challenge for the Premier League and go on a great Champions League run. And maybe go to Wembley too.

He’s a good signing for Manchester United, he’ll add depth and strength to the midfield and bring some more world class prestige to the club. I’m not sure that acquiring THE Bastian Schweinsteiger could ever be considered a bad move by any team.

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2 replies on “What Manchester United Can Expect From Bastian”

Yup certainly, miles better than any of the midfielders Liverpool have!! Plain ‘sour grapes’ reaction from the ex-liverpool clown!!

I completely agree, it will be interesting what he says come the United v Liverpool fixtures, especially if Big Bastian scores.

Thank you for commenting mate.

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