Manchester United Is After Morgan Schneiderlin for Season 2015/16

Manchester United is geared up for the 2015 2016 season, and they are ready to win! As usual, they are hoping to have an all star team. So it makes sense that they are looking to get after Morgan Schneiderlin. This season is looking good for the Manchester United team, and Morgan Schneiderlin is also looking good!

Who Is Morgan Schneiderlin?

Morgan Schneiderlin is an amazing football player who hails originally from Overnai in the country of France. He was born in the year 1989 on November 8. So far he has been with the English club of Southampton, but he has also been with the French national team. He played as the midfielder with this team. Before heading with the French national team, he was with RC Strasbourg, which is also in France.

Why Does Manchester United Want to Recruit Morgan Schneiderlin?

We all know Morgan Schneiderlin as a great football player, and at only 25 years of age, he is doing great in his role in Southampton. But what is he going to be up to when he goes on to Manchester United? If you want to see him play, it might end up being with Manchester United this year, because they are really gunning for him to join their team.

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Negotiations Are Ongoing to Recruit Morgan Schneiderlin

Of course, it’s not so easy to get an amazing player like Morgan Schneiderlin onto the team right away. That is why so many negotiations need to take place before the actual recruitment goes through. Manchester United has been on this negotiation train for quite some time, and they are certainly back at it once again. So far, we are hearing some rumors that there was 20 million pounds on the table to get Morgan Schneiderlin onto the Manchester United team. But of course, the boss of the Saints, Ronald Koeman, felt that this bid was not serious enough.

The negotiators who are working on this deal are really serious about recruiting this excellent player. They are heading from Old Trafford to Southampton to finish off the deal and hash things out in terms of money and other benefits. It could be that 27 million pounds will seal the deal, but the bid is not a fort sure thing yet. We’ll keep you posted on this exciting change in the lineup of Manchester United. We are really hoping to see the midfield of MU occupied by Morgan Schneiderlin in this upcoming 2015 2016 season! Check them out online or on your television when you can!

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