Best players of Soccer 2014

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Nevertheless betting on or playing with your most favorite star through red flush online casino one may need to identify first the Best Players of Soccer players of 2014 so as to check out their live games for betting on or animated online games for competing with.

Although there are very many players in the world who are very excellent in the field, there are those who have become outstanding due to their skills in the field and are regarded as the world’s best players. These are the world’s best top players ranked in the year 2014 especially after the world cup, they include Thibaut Courtois who was the goalkeeper, and he is from Belgium. He is a player of the Chelsea team. James Rodriguez, who is a midfielder from Columbia who scored six goals in the world cup games making him win the 2014 Golden Boot.

Philipp Lahm, who is a right back/defensive midfielder from Germany. He is said to be the best representation of jogi low’s German collective depth. Paul Pogba who is a midfielder from the country of France. He is very young and has integrated himself as vital component of the juventus. Neymar, winger from Brazil and a Barcelona fan. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, striker from Sweden. Luis Suarez who is a striker from Uruguay and a Liverpool fan. He is popular for having scored 31 goals in 33 premier league games and helping the Reds book a spot in the Champions league.

Arjen Robben who is a free range attacker from Netherlands. He is unique because he is left foot. Christiano Ronaldo, winger from Portugal. Lionel Messi, god from Argentina and a Barcelona fan. He is the best player in the world and is 5 to 7 foot tall. Now you can make use of the information to bet on a game that this players are in, as you Play online at Red Flush



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