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Of United splashing the cash...

The Guardian claims to have it on good authority that Louis van Gaal has been given one-hundred-and-fifty million pounds for transfers this summer. Considering how much was spent last time, the areas in which the team lacks, and the done deal for Depay, it seems not too far-fetched.

With this much money laying around, the media and fans have been suggesting names they feel would help Manchester United to its set targets next season. Gareth Bale, Cavani, Hummels, Gundoghan, Harry Kane, Danny Ings, Pogba, Niagolan, Strootman, Peter Cech, and Hugo Lloris have all been mentioned.

Of course, with this much money laying around tickets for United games should be made cheaper as well, but that’s another battle for another day!

These are all good players and would definitely improve any team and Manchester United definitely needs improving. Money is not an issue, as chief executive Ed Woodward has reiterated time and time again, we can afford these players; comfortably.

What causes me to pause is something that has been mentioned by assistant manager, Ryan Giggs. Why don’t we give our youth a chance? Many would be quick to point out that Paddy McNair, Tyler Blackett, to an extent Adan Januzaj, James Wilson, and members of the team that lost 4-0 to MK-Dons have all been given chances.

However, the phrase ‘Utd Galacticos’ has been mentioned about with increased frequency as people seem to be drawn to the Real Madrid way of spending huge amounts for established talent as they hunt for trophies at the detriment of their academy players.

Surely, having the best talent in every position is a guarantee of success…

Not quite. It has been proven time and again that this approach is nowhere near as fool proof as it seems to be. Real Madrid for example, have spent a billion euros in the last seven years and have just one domestic title.

There is no doubt the team needs improvement but I would be stunned if Manchester United abandoned the philosophy of promoting young talent. Our under 21s team just secured the league title; Warren Joyce, the team manager has been outstanding for us over the years. Surely some of these players deserve chances. I personally would like to see James Wilson start more games instead of a cash splash on another striker; Andreas Pereira, Sean Goss, Ben Pearson, Joh Harrop, Andy Kellet, Joe Rothwell, Tom Thorpe, Saidy Janko, Adan Januzaj, Paddy McNair, Angelo Henriquez, Jesse Lingard also deserve run-ins.

Louis van Gaal is already well known for encouraging youth and the trust he’s shown Paddy McNair this season exemplifies that. Money will be spent, no doubt, but rather than a flood of big names arriving Old Trafford, it’ll be of buying players with a view towards the future. Sure, one or two big names will be bought if it suits the team but faith in youngsters has always paid dividends at Manchester United and I think Louis van Gaal would want to continue that.

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By Seun

Seun, is an avid Manchester United fan. He also thinks Paul Scholes is the best player in the history of ever.

5 replies on “Of United splashing the cash...”

Dude, what is your point? I think LVG has done a great job blending some younger players into the 1st team. Wilson, Mcnair, Blackett have been given some ample opportunity to prove themselves. They will all stay on and push for a 1st team spot.You cannot throw them all into.the starting line up and expect them to.put on a winning performance game in game out
LVG is handling things fine. You want a trophy next season am i rite? of course you would hence money will need to be spent in the rite manner for the rite players

Man united need to have eleven players who are real men before they think of their previous philosophy of promoting young players,stop gambling our important matches with the so called youth players please!

Youth should get a chance, but United still need to buy ready-made players to win now not 3-4 years from now.

Central mid, Centre back, Right Back, Striker… Goalkeeper if/when De Gea bolts.

Hi Seun,
LVG tried to blend in the youngster, yet again, given the Moyes season, he could hardly allow a slip up, it is easier to trust the senior players than the young ones. If, and by all means, this is ridiculous, United see an achievement in reaching the 4-th place (please…) there was no time for experimenting. Januzaj, of whom Giggs spoke so positive was overseen.
Fans should have patience and believe, this might take more than 2 years, maybe 3 or 4. But one thing is shore, I am sick of this exotic climate brought by foreign players to the premier league. United should invest more in the academy.

The idea that United has a particular philosophy of promoting young talent any more is a myth. The days of the Busby Babes or the Class of ’92 are long gone. In those days United did promote young talent from within as did other clubs.

The football landscape has changed dramatically in the last 15-20 years and all the top clubs buy in ready made players. That’s why Harry Kane is a throwback to a previous time. If he were at United he might still be out on loan at a lower league club.

The only current United player who is home-grown ie. come through the academy, and can be said to have had something of a first team career at United is Jonny Evans who has made about 130 appearances. That is hardly anything to get excited about.

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