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Luke Shaw: United and England number one?

Luke Shaw was one of the players who successfully made it through Southampton’s eminent youth academy, a fantastic left back who is naturally blessed with pace, determination and attacking abilities.

In the summer of 2014, Luke Shaw not only featured in the world cup for England, he signed for the biggest club in England for twenty-seven million pounds, making him one of the world’s most expensive teenagers.

Immediately he inflicted numerous injuries, with Louis Van Gaal’s curious and strict rules of being “match fit” in order, meant that young Luke rarely featured in America and wistfully missed the beginning of United’ season.

This season Shaw has had a roller coaster season, one minute he is at his peak running at defenders and crossing a killer ball in the box the next he is on the sidelines.

For a lad traditionally from Kingston just outside London, up in Manchester can be intimidating, especially for a teenager, but recently living in Ronaldo’s house, it can’t be that bad!

In the media, he hasn’t really been featured, along with Blind and Rojo, the other players have all hit the limelight in the press but these guys appear to be the chilled out players who will perform on a constant basis.

One thing United drastically need to areas is stopping these injuries, a left back with quality such as his own deserves to be in the side week in week out and this can only be done with injuries out of the equation.

Twenty-seven million is huge for any player, let alone a teenager, but this can prove a wise investment, with ten years on the agenda, it’s a bargain!

Luke Shaw has the biggest potential alongside Harry Kane and others, the future of England and indeed Manchester United rely on Luke, and if he delivers he can go down as one of the best left backs in Manchester United history, so with a bit of patience, magic can occur!

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By Ted Hennessey

Ted Hennessey has been a Manchester United fan for has long has he can remember, he loves United because of how they won the treble and how they have the best fan-base in the world, his favourite player ever is Paul Scholes.

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