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Daley Blind: The dependable Dutchman

Scholes, Carrick and Bryan Robson, every one of those players certainly had talent, some are regarded as legends in the heart of midfield and all are known for their trustworthiness and 100% work for the team, more importantly for their composure and confidence on the ball.

Daley Blind was named Dutch player of the year when Manchester United and Barcelona went head to head to try and secure the service of the very recognisable Dutch footballing name, just like his father Danny Blind, Daley played for Ajax, well known for nurturing home grown Dutch talent galore, in Holland, Ajax are just like a Manchester United based club, they love success and demand a fantastic youth setup.

In the end, a stalled signing which saw young Blind around Manchester before the signing was actually confirmed took place, we secured the Dutchman for a bargain capture of around £13.8 million.

It was obvious to United fans that Blind would favour United, one crucial point was the relationship with Van Gaal, Daley Blind was introduced into the Van Gaal setup in Brazil 2014 where notably it was Blind who played the exquisite pass for the flying Dutchman Robin Van Persie to pounce into the sky like a lively fox and head it  over a gobsmacked Iker Casillas. Not only that but the obvious factor of playing for not only the most famous club in the world but the best league in the world, the Premier League which has not only made the biggest of talents in the world look shaky but it is a test of how you can stay consistent throughout the season.

Daley Blind has in-fact settled in to Manchester United life like green on grass, he has been a treat to watch, he is arguably the best central defensive midfielder in the league and in fullback he has also showed the world why he can outplay his father and better him in terms of success.

Manchester United have seen the best of Daley Blind this season, the 25 year old wearing the number 17, has been in one word, calm, on the ball he makes it look easy with 88% pass accuracy and an average 19 metres in pass length.

His defensive duties are possibly where he is at is best with an average of 42% duels won, 6 defensive actions and only 2 errors mean he can even be a defender in the foreseeable future.

But with 2 late goals against West Brom and West Ham United away from home can debatably mean the Blind could play anywhere due to his desire in the Red shirt.

But to say Daley Blind is a top player he must be compared to the rival players, compared to Matic he has 1% better pass accuracy then the Serbian but Matic has 8% more duels won and 1 less defensive error. But the Dutchman prevails in shot accuracy, goals and disciplinary record.

Compared to Francis Coquelin, Daley Blind beats the Frenchman in pass accuracy, goals and average pass length.

Compared to Fernando, Daley Blind racks up better defensive performances with style!  With more defensive actions, better average pass length, a whitewash in more duels won and even more chances created.

Lastly to put misery and shame to our rivals, Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson, a player who was hysterically rejected by Sir Alex Ferguson for his running style which has been compared to a ‘chicken run’ Daley Blind beats Henderson in disciplinary record, average defensive actions, pass accuracy,shot accuracy and the pure fact Daley Blind plays for Manchester United whilst Henderson plays for Liverpool, funny right?

Jokes aside, Daley Blind is a rare and exceptional talent, and a player United can depend on, in the long-run, his stats and link-up play with Herrera has been outstanding and 100% made the impact United needed.


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By Ted Hennessey

Ted Hennessey has been a Manchester United fan for has long has he can remember, he loves United because of how they won the treble and how they have the best fan-base in the world, his favourite player ever is Paul Scholes.

3 replies on “Daley Blind: The dependable Dutchman”

A shortage of pace is the one thing that counts against Daley Blind, but apart from that, he looks a decent player and has been a good signing for United.

where he lacks pace he makes up for his intelligence.

but i don’t think he is absolutely slow. i’m sure he is fast enough.
i’m sure they are timed when they run in training. maybe he just
looks slow when he runs. it’s like looking at rafael run, he looks
fast because he has short legs which make it look like they are
moving faster.

it is just like a big bicycle wheel compared to a smaller wheel.
the smaller wheel looks faster because it is rotating faster
compared to the bigger wheel. but they both travel the same
distance and arrive at the same time.

TIPS(technique, intelligence, personality, speed) is the basic
criteria to be an ajax player. so he must have passed the
speed test.

Blind isn’t slow, he just lacks a bit of acceleration compared to others. He could well be quicker than Carrick.

Do you remember Laurent Blanc? One of the best sweepers in world football but slower than my granny.

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