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Man of the Match: Fellaini, the glue of Manchester United

Tottenham were beaten, easily in fact, Manchester United certainly played the Matt Busby way, the fluent football,the one-touch passing and overlapping for days. Tottenham had no chance, Harry Kane even showed in his expression that he was watching a side on top of their game.

The game was opened however by a big lad with an afro, his ‘weaker’ foot certainly proved doubters wrong, Marouane Fellaini scored a peach and carried on to grab an assist and was a persistent danger for young Eric Dier.

Fellaini completed jobs like aerial threat, attacking threat and defence monster.

He started the game, this was a surprise to many, due to his frustrating  ‘giraffe-like’ performance against Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal side. However he received the Man of the Match award against Tottenham, another North London club.

The big Belgian probably hasn’t had many positive words but today, doubters should clap their hands and admit that Fellaini may be back.

When we hear Fellaini unfortunately we think of desperate long-balls for his big chest to thump or his huge head to loft the ball, but United fans feel after today he can change, we lack an aerial threat and his big posture and presence is intimidating to defenders and attackers.

What his comparison to glue meant is if you get two pieces of paper, one being attack with the likes of Rooney, Mata, Young,Herrera,Falcao,Van Persie and Wilson; and get another piece of paper which symbolises defence; Shaw, Jones, Smalling, Rojo, Rafael, Evans, Blackett and McNair, you need a skilled player to stick the two together so it makes a unit and makes it work.

Manchester United had the best examples: Paul Scholes, Bryan Robson and Roy Keane. We currently possess three, Michael Carrick, Daley Blind and Marouane Fellaini. Now, these three are nothing to Bryan Robson but they are a new generation and era and qualities will be different.

Marouane Fellaini now looks to be settled and in a philosophy, his Man of the Match award will be good for morale and what his mentality is, will determine the outcome of his performances and he, the man we all doubted, now has the opportunity to cement a regular name for Manchester United.


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By Ted Hennessey

Ted Hennessey has been a Manchester United fan for has long has he can remember, he loves United because of how they won the treble and how they have the best fan-base in the world, his favourite player ever is Paul Scholes.

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