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Are the days of "Jubilant Januzaj" over at United?

David Moyes made it very easy for himself to be criticised last season, from non-passionate derbies to poor transfer activity, but one positive we can pull from his unfortunate spell at the club was when he found the future of football, Adnan Januzaj.

The first time we had a real glimpse of Januzaj was back in September at home to Crystal Palace, the young Belgian came on in the 67th minute in place of the inconsistent Ashley Young, in this short space of time, a true look of talent was displayed on the beautiful green grass of Old Trafford.

Adnan Januzaj first burst into our consideration on Sunday the 5th of October away to Sunderland where the boy with the number 44 shirt had a frustrating first half, but in the 55th minute he cooly slid the ball under a sprawling Westwood. The 2nd goal was one that was put forward as United goal of the year, the technique reminded us United fans of another winger, Ryan Giggs. The technique of that volley was indescribable to be told, it was sheer class.

But this season Januzaj has not enjoyed the qualities he produced last season, being given Ryan Giggs’ legendary United shirt. But he has been frustrating, this may be down to lack of games or the fact he has lost his mentality. Against Leicester on the 31st January, Januzaj started the game as a central midfielder but a great number of fans have doubted this move by Van Gaal.

Recent years have told us how influential and important our wingers really are; George Best, Ryan Giggs, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. Januzaj certainly has definitely the potential to match this list of talent but where is exactly his best position?

For some, Januzaj should play as an attacking midfielder, last season away at Chelsea when we lost 3-1, one of the positives was how Januzaj played behind the striker, he was exceptional to watch.

Being an attacking midfielder requires quick passing and through ball ability, Januzaj has these qualities. As a winger you require pace, crossing ability and the mentality to challenge fullbacks and retain possession in doing so, Januzaj has lacked pace and therefore as a winger is frustrating. But the problem, is Januzaj better than Mata? no. Is Januzaj better than Rooney? no. And therefore where will he feature?

The question which surounds Januzaj is; where do us United fans see Januzaj in today’s team? and the answer is controversial, some believe that Louis Van Gaal should deploy wingers into the system and I agree, it would be fantastic seeing wingers and potentially a more attacking setup, but the doubt is whether Januzaj really is a winger?

Last summer PSG and Real Madrid were reportedly after the Belgian boy, if this is the case than, where will Januzaj be this time in two years?

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By Ted Hennessey

Ted Hennessey has been a Manchester United fan for has long has he can remember, he loves United because of how they won the treble and how they have the best fan-base in the world, his favourite player ever is Paul Scholes.

5 replies on “Are the days of "Jubilant Januzaj" over at United?”

For much of this season, United have not played with real width. When van Gaal embraces proper wing play then Januzaj will come good. There were signs of that happening in the second half against Sunderland. I expect Januzaj to finish the season off well.

Everyman: Yeah, you are completely right, but before this article I believed he was better behind the striker than on the wing, this is because his crossing is not the best. Yesterday Januzaj proved me wrong he was fantastic, lets hope he can carry on the tradition of our class wingers have done over the last few years.

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