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To be or not to be; Radamel Falcao is he worth it?

The Colombian hit man has a tough start to life in Manchester, and with a £44M question hanging over his head should United commit?

Since the dramatic close of play on deadline day, Radamel Falcao has produce any real excitement since, after only scoring three goals so far this season. To be fair to Falcao there are a number of underlying issues that he can’t really have imagined. But, considering the huge investment required to tie him down permanently is he worth the risk?

The are two ways to look at the situation, on a critical note Falcao has missed chance after chance of opportunities that a man of his quality is expected to score, amongst that his record is inflated somewhat from playing in average leagues such as France and Portugal, of course he played in Spain, but are the teams there of the same standard to the premier league? And finally the type of wages he demands and his previous transfer to Monaco would suggest Falcao has little allegiance. Many of these are background issues, however the lack of goals is ultimately his downfall.

Now for the excuses, many fans would claim he just needs a run of games, which is quite right, whenever he seems to play well Louis Van Gaal decides enough is enough. Strange really. He has just comeback from a massive injury, so it will take time to be back at it again. Another reason would be the fans, they love him from that stupid song no one can really sing to the passion of the man. They love him. You could also suggest that if papers are to be believed it would improve our chances of tying De Gea down to a new deal (he’s worth every penny). To be honest the excuses stop there, and at some point he needs to deliver. To keep up with all the latest transfer news, transferrumours has all the up to date news on a daily basis.

It will take a culmination of Van Gaal’s faith, super-agent Mendes keeping his nose out of affairs (he is everywhere this guy) and Falcao’s willingness. One of the three is clearly there, now it’s time for the others to back their man.

So the conclusion for me is if Falcao left I don’t think anyone could really pinpoint the reason why it didn’t work, but if Ed is listening take the gamble.

So is he worth the risk, or should we let Diego Forlan part 2 in the making leave? Have your say by commenting below or tweeting @RedMancunian or @Justintaylor96

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By Justin Taylor

A keen writer, and United mad. Justin has a season ticket at Old Trafford and travels to away games when he can get a ticket #Chubbed

3 replies on “To be or not to be; Radamel Falcao is he worth it?”

At present, my jury is still out on Falcao. So far he has failed to deliver and if his second half of the season mirrors the first half, I would be reluctant to pay 44 million for him.

He is coming back from a big injury and it could be that he needs more rehabilitation time to get back to his best. It could also be that the injury has had more permanent effects. Who knows?

Either way, he has to deliver before the end of the season in order to justify the price tag. If he doesn’t manage to do this then I would look elsewhere.

His agent may well feel he can play at any big club in the world, but it’s clear to see that improvement (or a change of luck whichever way you see it) is needed before that can be safely said.
At his best he’s one of the best number 9’s in the world, and without question worth every penny. However he may never reach those levels again after his injury, regardless of how long you give him. Similar with Torres just before he joined Chelsea, that yard of pace and sharpness never returned, and it’s a huge risk especially considering the necessity to strengthen in other areas.
I hope he proves himself because his attitude on the pitch is outstanding. He works hard and he loves playing. I think every united fan is willing him on in a way I’ve not seen before. I also find it hard to see united starting next season with both himself and Rvp at the club, so it’s a very big few months coming up

Its really troubling and it amazes me, sometime i have to question myself as a united fan, how did we get to this point or is it because we lost 1yr of not pertaking in the champions leaque that has brought this amount of impatient, i thought we use to have patient in building up players.last year we did the same thing felliani, he was this closed to be off loaded if not for the injury he sustained but just one after everybody is singing his praises. Why can’t we give falcao the benefit of the doubt, remember this is someone that just came back from a carrier treathening injury that has cost him loss one full year of playing football. What i can say is, if we ever loss a player like falcao we will ever live to regret it

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