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Louis Van Gaal: A man who holds his own destiny

A lot has been made of the similarities of David Moyes and Louis Van Gaal this week following the reds defeat to Southampton at the weekend, and although £150M was pumped into the side over the summer, the performances and the amount of points gained have not changed. However, there is no debate to made Van Gaal is the better manager and has done well, if you take into consideration that it is the Dutchman’s first season in England and the level of teams has seemed to have rose over the past year.

But, for all the similarities being thrown at LVG there is a belief in Manchester that he will get it right and the Manchester United hierarchy seem happy to play the waiting game, albeit top four is a must if they want to keep on top of the world stage. Another season outside the Champions league could be catastrophic.

It was around this time of year that the pressure began to build for David Moyes, and after the defeat this weekend there were questions beginning to be asked of the current United boss, the strange omission of Radamel Falcao the figure head of disgruntlement. It too seems as though Van Gaal has a Wenger complex when it comes to his defence, many millions were spent this summer, but there was no arrival of a much needed World Class centre half, likewise in midfield the dominant figure, the Roy Keane of the team was not apparent.

Whether or not Van Gaal brought all the signing’s in the summer is unknown, but the recruitment policy needs readdressing it would seem there are too many round pegs for a square hole, to coin a phrase. Yet, there is a stern belief that all will come good in time, Moyes wanted time and was not afforded it. United won’t bite the bullet just yet.

It is a key few months for Van Gaal with a favourable run of games until March until they face the big boys, if they fail pick up enough points the top four will once again elude them. Moyes and Van Gaal are different no matter how the stats may appear, Moyes didn’t have the aura of a top manager, he was never the right man; easy to say in hindsight. Van Gaal could be the right man for all the right reasons but his ego may get the better of him, the eagerness to get the 3-5-2 formation to work could be his downfall.

The only man to cost Louis Van Gaal his job is Louis Van Gaal, he has the financial power, he has world class players and he has his own managerial experience. All he needs to do now is deliver.

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By Justin Taylor

A keen writer, and United mad. Justin has a season ticket at Old Trafford and travels to away games when he can get a ticket #Chubbed

3 replies on “Louis Van Gaal: A man who holds his own destiny”

SLL Carrick. he is the reason for United collapse. hi is slowly, his style is predictable, he always stops the ball for many seconds (!!!!!!!!) and then sends to a teammate, wich is almost always a defender. that’s why he has a successfull passes rate, because he play with defender. a midfielder, even it’s a defensive, must create chances, must scores goales, must do dribbles etc.

SELL carrick if u want your team to perform!

Google “fire Van Gaal”. Then click on the Guardian article for 2011. Just change the team name to Manchester United. Same issues, same stupidity, everythings just the same. Is this your precious CV? Because its definitely what the end game looks like. Maybe Manchester United will survive LVG’s impact, maybe not. But I for one am sick of this man’s stupidity.

The fans have had to watch pretty boring frustrating passing football all season, allthough United are fourth.You have to wonder when it will change or is it also the Club,s philosophy in time to end up playing football like Barca and Bayern.Boring yaawn.Cant see it changing unless VG does as well.

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