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The Curious Case of Louis Van Gaal's Ego

We all have moments in life that literally leave us unable to talk, completely speechless not able to deliver words from our vocal chords, I experienced this last night. When Phil Jones a CB stepped up to take a corner. I’ve had many moments like this in my life as a United supporter and I’m thankful to say most as a result of amazing moments.

The last 18 or so months have been a bit of a blur, scattered with moments surrounded by what appeared to be bad decisions that have left me unable to actually understand whats happened or is happening. Moyes last year playing Mata right midfield was one of those moments. Look bad results can happen but when you’re making bizarre decisions it’s the beginning of the end.

You can’t win games without being brave and gutsy and sometimes you need to be a maverick, but then again not many stupid decisions have resulted in championship wins, I can’t remember a league title won on this philosophy.

Van Gaals “Philosophy” is surrounded by mystery, and after 6 months I’m no clearer now than I was on day one of the premier league obviously playing players out of position and now a CB taking corners in my opinion is a distinct lack of respect not only to the players on the pitch but also the fans going to watch games.


I don’t think too many people in the club in the directors box or on the pitch would view Phil Jones as a set piece specialist in fact his technical ability and decision making have often been called in to question, if I was a player in that team I would start to question my managers decision making.

Van Gaal has had short scatterings of success throughout his managerial career, usually straight away, but after 6 months I’m doubting his suitability I think we need a big personality but not an ego that makes bizarre decisions in the hope something will happen and make him look like a tactical genius.

Possession football with no pace or penetration will ensure you don’t lose many but its no way to win, only four teams in the premier league have drawn more games than United and if we keep failing to turn draws into wins a top 4 finish is seriously in doubt as those around us pick up pace and put runs together.

One size doesn’t fit all and if something isn’t working you need to swallow your ego and change it,  at the moment the responsibility lies in the managers hands but should these poor performances continue with no light at the end of the tunnel, don’t be surprised if people start to get restless. I want it to work and I want normal service to be resumed, but I’m afraid to say if something doesn’t click this season I’m doubtful it will at all.


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I agree with the sentiment behind your article.

Bizarre is a word which keeps coming to mind when describing some of Van Gaal’s decisions.

As a point of interest, Jones did take a couple of corners during the QPR game, so Van Gaal must have seen something in that tactic to keep it going against Cambridge.

Bizarre indeed.

So this is an English comprehension class too huh!
I agree with the thoughts of the writer. It always puzzle me that someone should be called a “tactical genius” because he makes substitution that changes games.Maybe if he gets the selection right in the first place then in my eyes he’d be a tactical genius.

We are told by VG that he wants his players to use their heads more and he would really love it if he could get 352 to gel in the prenier leage.Until he gets players to play that system it will be slow boring and frustrating.The thing is he has,nt got much more time to sit on the bench jotting down notes.He needs to get some new tactics other than all that non productive passing.It,s probably correct he does,nt really fit in at United.Bet there is a Brit out there that could get them to gel.Then again United is more about prestige than football these days.

‘I think we need a big personality but not an ego that makes bizarre decisions in the hope something will happen and make him look like a tactical genius’

Summed up with simplicity – Nice article Chris ~BOOKMARKED!

I agree with the writer here 100%. What is the plan, everything is slow. The big question I would have here is, what input Ryan Giggs has on LVG. He was brought in to keep the Utd way, but it seems like there is nothing coming from him here. Giggs would be playing a 442 or 433. Phil Jones taking corners has really caused my faith in VG to drop.

Jones taking corners is part of his plan to make sure that Falcao does n,t get any service. Having picked no one who can get a cross in , or has any pace.also what is the point in Valencia who can no longer go past anybody , stops then realises he has no left foot when he turns inside. blind was ok in front of the back four, but played left wingback has n,t the pace for premier league.

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