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Is it time James Wilson started for United?

This week, Louis van Gaal said James Wilson is “knocking on the door” for a start at United. After fellow U21 players Paddy McNair and Tyler Blackett were introduced into the defence after a flurry of injuries to first choice defenders, van Gaal has shown he is not scared to give youngsters a chance – a feature he has shown at all his previous clubs, where he gave stars such as Xavi and Thomas Muller their debuts in the first team for Barcelona and Bayern Munich, respectively.

James Wilson has, however, already made his debut for United, an unforgettable match where he scored twice against Hull City, during Ryan Giggs’ tenure as manager.  Wilson has also featured from the bench this season in big games against Manchester City and Chelsea, albeit as a last resort. Van Gaal has already publicly expressed his confidence in Wilson, not only by using him as an impact substitute but by also claiming that he was part of the reason that Danny Welbeck was sold by the club, saying that the England international was fifth choice after van Persie, Rooney, Falcao and Wilson.

After a the match against Crystal Palace, in which United had 23 shots, but only 5 on target, some are claiming van Persie is not doing enough to deserve a starting place at United, and with Falcao still injured and Rooney being deployed in a deeper midfield role, is it time for Wilson to start?

United’s next match, Arsenal away, perhaps might be too big a fixture for Wilson, but if van Gaal feels that the senior strikers haven’t been performing well enough, he may well choose to give Wilson his chance, hoping that his confidence and ability will make up for a lack of experience. Wilson’s best chance at a start will probably be in an FA cup match, where van Gaal will be looking to give roles to players yet to feature prominently this season.

If James Wilson does make some sort of impact, be it from the bench or from the starting line up, no doubt van Gaal will be willing to give him his chance, as he has done with so many young, promising players in the past.

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By Tom Hadfield

Glory supported United since he was about 8, lives in Wales and is hoping to study journalism at university next year. Played centre half for Llanbradach for a bit but retired from club football in 2012, still waiting on his international call up.

7 replies on “Is it time James Wilson started for United?”

United’s Gaalactico attack is misfiring.

Wilson should start ahead of RVP against Arsenal. RVP has lost his mobility which is a big problem especially when Di Maria is whipping in early crosses.

Wilson is both strong and mobile and appears to have a good temperament. Time to start with him.

I don’t disagree that RVP has lost something this season but I haven’t seen much from Wilson yet that says he should start against Arsenal. Then again I haven’t really seen much from RVP that says he should start either.

I say play Wayne up front with Mata in the 10 role.

I have never seen a coach as big headed as LVG, He clear sees that Van persie is currently not even under performing but useless because he has not only failed to score but he doesn’t even want to assists others score. u would rather they send off one play off and you play with 10 players than currently having Van Persie on the pitch. he is on the pitch but technically man u is playing with 10 players

RVP is by no means fit to deliver united for now, it would be better if Wilson start up the up coming match against arsenal so that we can know who is fit to deliver united for now. But I believe Wilson is capable to deliver.

I am shocked at the way we humans behave. “We bury people before they are dead and dont bother to find the cure.”

Van Persie has not been playing well but did it start with him. No! janujah has dropped form, so with mata, herera, falcao and even D maria. They more these people settled into van gaal system the more their form dropped. i dont see how this is their fault.

Van persie is a finisher just like chicharito. they both suck at building up play.
D maria is a dribbler, and has good vision for passes and crosses . He and Mata thrives when there are plenty of runs behind the defense back line. But this has been a missing feature.
The only problem man U has for me is van gaal. He sits in his chair even when things are clearly not going well has planned. he keeps blaming this, that.

Let Us not forget he did not finish is second spell at Barcelona due inconsistency.

As I have said before, Van Gaal’s most successful period was in the 1990’s and he has had just two trophy winning seasons in the last fifteen years.

Perhaps his best days are behind him.

Just a thought.

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