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There Will Always Be Room For Sentimentality At Manchester United

A lot has been made of Manchester United selling Danny Welbeck, but a lot of the reaction has been for the wrong reasons. I for one am not angry that he has been sold, just sad. Being twenty years old, Danny Welbeck is one of the first players that I have witnessed play for the under 21’s and below at Manchester United. You always feel a strange bond with players who you’ve seen progress from young talent to first team player, and this was no different from Danny Welbeck. He was one of my favourites, and I will greatly miss seeing him in a United shirt.

It’s brilliant to see that we have brought in a genuinely world class player in Falcao to replace him and I can not wait to watch him play for us. Just imaging seeing him and Di Maria play for United gives me the tingles. These two add to the sentimentality engraved in Manchester United history by taking the famous number 7 and 9 shirts, these shirts are meant to be worn by the best players in their positions, and they are now. When you think of the shirt number 7 you associate it with the best. With Best, Robson, Cantona, Beckham and Ronaldo. You love the shirt, and love the players that wear it.

This is what makes Manchester United so special. We have sentimentality wherever we look. From our special history, our home grown talent, and our legendary shirt wearers. This is my favourite part of football. Not the last gasp winners, the last minute tackles but the sentimentality that comes with being a supporter. Having players you love, and players you hate to see leave. It’s why we support teams, because we love our club and the players. I don’t want to see the sentimentality leave Manchester United, and I promise you that it most certainly won’t.

We finally have the world class players that will replace the other players for legendary shirt numbers. We will always have talent being produced at the club, because that is part of our history and our future because with those players, and the world class players we have brought in, we will continue to create history.

Sentimentality is the best, and we support the best club for it.

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By Ethan

Ethan is a lifelong Manchester United who loves nothing more than talking about United and football in general. He has a passion for heavy metal music, reading books, playing computer games and he is an avid fisherman.

5 replies on “There Will Always Be Room For Sentimentality At Manchester United”

Hi mate.
Sorry but I’d have to disagree with you there, if there wasn’t any sentiment in football then there would be no reason to watch it. Winning isn’t everything 🙂

I’m sorry to disagree, but I’m glad that we sold DW. 90 Appearences and only 20 goals? That’s shitty even for a middle-class forward. Maybe he’s not a bad player for Arsenal, but he’s definitely NOT United-level. If we want to be on top, we can’t afford having a player who has a 0.2 goal avg.

I never said he was a fantastic player, just a player I loved watching and he offers a lot more than that anyway. It’s never nice seeing a player you like leave, regardless of how good he is 🙂

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