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The Problem With International Breaks

Unforgivable. That’s the only word to describe England’s 2014 World Cup campaign. And yet, we still have to put up with this irritating little break in the Premier League season. Just as things were getting interesting.

In September 1989, United were in pretty much the same position as they are now. They’d just spent heavily in the transfer window. Things were looking up.

The most significant signing of that summer had been Neil Webb, who was turning out to be the long sought after replacement for skipper Bryan Robson.  Twenty five years ago to the day, came an international break.

The ligaments of our midfield were torn in two during a World Cup qualifier in Sweden. Worse still, United went on to finish thirteenth.

Injuries aside, there are many reasons why international breaks are annoying. They kill momentum for a start. Towards the end of the Burnley match we were starting to purr. A two week break was the last thing we needed. What are you going to talk about at work for heaven’s sake?

You spend all week flogging your guts out. You need something to look forward to. This goes for a Burton during international breaks.  A Saturday afternoon watching the lower leagues on TV isn’t quite the same.

And what do we get in return for these sacrifices? A whole load of excuses from an England manager that’s about as competent as – a wooden vice chairman.

International matches. They put a downer on your Autumn as well as your Summer. They cause injuries, kill momentum and ruin your weekend. Without a United match to look forward to you’re unhappy at work. Low staff morale equals an unhappy workforce, and an unhappy workforce equals low productivity. Scrap international breaks and the country will never fall into recession again!

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By Terry Martin

Terry Martin is a freelance copywriter, aspiring novelist and life long Manchester United fan. He is a former member of both the Burton on Trent and Lancaster supporters club branches.

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