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Ed Woodward: Show Us The Money

After a disappointing start to the season falling to Swansea, United fans took to social media to vent their frustrations against the clubs owners and Executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward as #GlazersOut became a global trend overnight. United and LVG face a couple of away ties at Sunderland and Burnley over the coming weeks which could be a blessing in disguise, to be away from Old Trafford where they could notch up some wins and get the season kick started.

The manager has already stated that the club will not “panic buy” after opening day disappointment, yet rumours have surfaced this afternoon that “showdown talks” between LVG and Ed Woodward are to take place so it would seem all is not well between the two. However, when the manager started his role after the World Cup, he mentioned that he would take the time to assess his squad and look at all the players which could take him up to 3 to 4 weeks. So far, LVG has been at the helm for just under a month so I for one expect things to start happening over the next week or so in the transfer market, providing he has the backing of Woodward who still has massive question marks hanging over him from last summers disastrous transfer window.

In the next week I would expect to see several players leave, most likely Nani and Anderson with Fellaini and Hernandez also being at risk. Nani was so far below par on Saturday it was laughable and Hernandez looked lost in the 45 minutes he was given by the manager.  Rumours of Fellaini heading to Napoli on a season long loan have surfaced again with the clubs only at loggerheads over an “option-to-buy” price in the deal. Anderson and Nani have been touted as being included in any deal to bring Argentine Marcos Rojo to the club, however the Portuguese seems unwilling to return to his former side.

Whatever happens though, it is clear that United cannot continue to deploy Ashley Young at left full back as it just doesn’t work as he was found wanting on both Swansea goals. In the middle, Herrera looked nervous but has clear talent and grew into the game as it progressed; many around me were surprised when his number went up instead of Darren Fletchers mid way through the second half. If United can get a battling midfielder in alongside the Spaniard that should really give him the freedom to release the likes of Januzaj, Mata, Rooney and RVP.

Let’s not forget though that this time last year Arsenal had lost their opening game of the season at home against Aston Villa and went on to lift a trophy at the end of May, with the big signing they needed; Mesut Ozil, coming in just before the deadline so there is still plenty of time for United to do their business. The relationship between Woodward and LVG is key if United are to push on and get their targets this summer and one which will need to be rectified quickly.

Fans won’t be appeased by one or two deals and will demand a big name / marquee signature, especially after the boasting interview Woodward delivered on tour stating United had money to spend and to “watch this space.” With season tickets sold out and the club pulling in numerous multi-million pound sponsorship deals, fans understandably feel aggrieved at the lack of re-investment so far. Let’s hope LVG can assert his authority over Woodward or I feel we could be seeing a few of those Green & Gold scarves being dusted off and brought back to the Theatre of Dreams.

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12 replies on “Ed Woodward: Show Us The Money ”

Why Van Gaal waiting so long to include Dutch player such as Dailey Blind, Memphis Depay, Kevin Strootman whereas Man Utd so weak in those areas.

Bro let me tell u sometin ok let’s. Not blme lvg fr anytin yet th s bing givin to woodward so y cnt woodward get player for man utd

It’s really unfortunate, after last season disappointment but only two singings this summer. united are the heart of England, ain’t it unfair to finished up in position 7 ? Do you united think with only this two new players and the departure of Ferdinand, vidic and Evra we can make good thing? pls the club have to do something to bring strootman, blind, dimaria, and depay respectively.

If Woodward cn nt get players for man utd let him jst leav the club th Time of david gill utd use to buy players bt now wE cnt buy again y woodward

I get that Nani hasn’t produced for us for so long and while I believe he can get back to his 2009-2011 form, he should still be sold as it seems there’s no turning back when it comes to fan opinions.
Despite that, I actually felt his performance on Saturday was quite good compared to our other players. Him and Blackett were our only players to achieve a pass percentage of around 90%. Not to mention that he put a few dangerous crosses in. While it’s fine to criticise him for a poor performance, at least be objective when analysing each performance 😉

It is becoming abundantly clear that Ed Woodward still has not learned a single thing about the transfer business. He needs to get it through his balding skull that the longer the negotiations go with a seller that is not eager to sell, the more desperate the buyer becomes and the buyer either eventually pays more or doesn’t get the player.

Since the new Adidas kit deal has payment tied to CL qualification, his doodling around will cost Man U more money than he could possibly save in negotiating a lower transfer fee.

I just tought id leave a tought, since Ed Woodward has gone from zero to Hero in my eyes, and im sure in many many other fans eyes to… So I would jus like to say, I have never been so happy, to be wrong. And as the boys and gals from The Busby Babes would say, all hail, Ed (The Don) Woodward. Thank you very much. United4life!

O and just one more (Van Gal) I didnt forget you. You are the (Godfather) or (God) witch ever one you prefer. And no doubt in my mind that you are the right man for this great club.. Thanks for the help Boss. United4life! Luv it….

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