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CONFIRMED: Manchester United complete their 3rd signing of the summer

Manchester United have today announced the signing of FK Vojvodina goalkeeper Vanja Milinkovic.

The signing of Vanja Milinkovic has been one that has been waiting to be confirmed for the past two-months, but on Tuesday afternoon FK Vojvodina club president Zoran Scepanovic addressed the awaiting media to announce all the details of the transfer to Manchester United, Scepanovic said:

“After lengthy talks that have taken place over the past month, we have finally completed negotiations on Monday and we can officially inform the public that our young and promising goalkeeper has joined Manchester United

“He will remain in Vojvodina for the next year, where he will be under the supervision of our experts and coaches from the English football giants, while continuing to train and perform in the jersey of his home club. This is an opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the realisation of this transfer. Can I point out Manchester United’s very correct attitude.”

Manchester United released details of the signing of 6ft 7in Vanja Milinkovic back at the start of May, but today all paper word and official announcement has been made. One to watch for the future, as he will remain in Serbia at Vojvodina for the 2014/15 season, then make his move to Manchester.

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5 replies on “CONFIRMED: Manchester United complete their 3rd signing of the summer”

Correct signing. But, we need a signing that could see us winning again. LVG has not yet showed that. Time is fastly running out of our favor. We now need creative and classy world-class player to boost our winning style again. If LVG do not, then we will again see us from the backayard.

You need too get behind van gaal he knows what he is doing he’s nothing like David moyes he’s much better bet you gave up on them last season well I didn’t every team has a bad season United will win it this season the players he buys he know what too do with them so get over your self and start. Sporting your club

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