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Louis Van Gaal is already making a difference at Manchester United

If Jose Mourinho is the “special one” and Moyes the former “chosen one”, it seems Louis Van Gaal is well on his way to becoming the “right one” for Manchester United.

Although yet to set foot into Carrington or Old Trafford as manager, he has already helped secure the singing of midfielder Andres Herrera and left back Luke Shaw in decisive, long-term deals.

Upon joining, Herrera marked Van Gaal out as a key contributing factor, stating he “can’t wait” to play for the new boss, who he expects to “learn a lot” from.

These comments bare stark contrast to last summer, when freshly appointed Moyes and transfer honcho Ed Woodward took up their roles. A myriad of targets, from Cesc Fabregas to Thiago Alcantara spurned United’s advances, ill at ease with the new regime. This led to the desperate last minute signing of Marouane Fellaini, a player Moyes knew well from his time at Everton.

The move suited both parties at the time, but ultimately came to signify the mediocrity of the regime.

Clearly Louis Van Gaal has the pedigree both were lacking, exuding confidence and experience both internationally and across European club football.

In the current climate money lust may seem to rule, but the top players are driven by a desire to win trophies. Last summer, Manchester United was a great name facing an uncertain future. Now the game’s stars see a bright future, red as much as orange with the Dutchman at the helm.

However, for all the big names who may flock United’s way – especially if Holland progress further in the World Cup under Van Gaal – it will do little to enhance the club’s ties to its youth system.

Today those inside Old Trafford who still believe you can win things with kids look to buy rather than blood in Mancunian youngsters.

A potential problem with Van Gaal as he looks to craft a vision for immediate success, will be keeping the balance between building a team of the best, without forgetting Manchester’s own.

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10 replies on “Louis Van Gaal is already making a difference at Manchester United”

First fire Man United up from the deep slump of last season. Then the young breed would shine once again. David Moyes has really shamed United and it was just over a season. We would be at the top once again where we rightly belong. Can’t wait for the exciting new season to start again after a huge anti-climax merely at the beginning of last season and insult after insult all season long.

am really worried about our youth,coz if we plan to buy six-seven players where does that put,powell,zaha,will,wilson,lawrence nd lingard,nw lukin at beta alternatives i wud rather we do this:- -sell Hernadez nd bring on Wilson -sell Young nd bring on Lawrence -sell Cleverly nd bring on Powell -sell Nani nd bring on Zaha -sell Kagawa nd bring on Lingard nw some of the players nid to be sold becoz they are’nt jst that gud nd ve talent that does’nt nid to b wasted on the bench on,i wud luv for u to write about the youth nd their future.

Thanks for the comment. I share your concerns but not sure it’s wise to sell Hernandez, he’s still a class finisher and goal poacher. I think what’s needed is a balance.

I’ll look to write a more in depth article on the state on the youth team as the new season closes in.

Do you think Welbeck has been given more of a chance because he’s a local lad?

Wether we like it or not; we do need to bring in a few world class players. in defence and in midfield. as for players that shld be sold; I suggest Fellaini, Nani, Anderson(I was thrilled when he went on loan),Young, Kagawa (sad but he shld go, just cos we dnt have space for him). Players like Rafael can still work in a 4-3-3 or a 5-3-2 formation.
Cleverley shld be given another season or 2 to prove himself (especially under a coach like LVG); cos if he can be used as a fringe player for cup games; he can build his confidence up again (he was a budding talent under Fergie; but his moral died under DM).
Hernandez is a good finisher and a poacher, yes; but in the history of Man Utd, all our poachers have also been utility players that can also score goals and play full 90mins. Hernandez shld go.
Sadly, Welbeck is a local lad; but I believe we need a better player who can also score goals when needed (and not just when the sun rises at an acute angle…LOL).
all the lads from the reserve team (MKeane, Zaha, Powell, Wilson, Lingard and Lawrence) can still learn from the ‘old-heads’ and gain big game experience and they can still have a future at Man utd. LVG is reputed for his acumen and grooming young talent so I have NO doubt in my mind that he wldn’t offload the kids, but nurture them for a glistening future at our beloved home; OT.

Understandably, van Gaal will look to bring in players with the right track record or at least a promising profile, in order to kickstart his United career. However, he has a history of giving youth a chance and once he is settled in hopefully home-grown youngsters will get their opportunity. In addition the pre-season tour, possibly minus some World Cup players, could well give United’s younger players some exposure in front of the new boss.

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