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Louis van Gaal doesn't want Marouane Fellaini at Manchester United?

It was in no doubt that Louis van Gaal would bring in a string of changes when he finally took over as Manchester United manager, but non bigger that the latest revelation to come from respected reporter Ian Ladyman at the Daily Mail. They claim that Louis van Gaal has already informed Ed Woodward and the club that Marouane Fellaini is not in his plans for next season.

The claims come as Marouane Fellaini himself is still involved in the FIFA World Cup over in Brazil with Belgium, but state the he has informed the club to sell off the midfielder.

Marouane Fellaini was signed by David Moyes and Ed Woodward in the final seconds of last summers disappointing transfer window, and has less than impressed ever since. Now it is understood that new Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal has told representatives at Old Trafford that Marouane Fellaini is ‘not a United type of player’ and has instructed chief executive Ed Woodward to get rid this summer.

Manchester United have already signed 24-year-old midfielder Ander Herrera this summer as they look to improve on a squad that could only manager 7th in the Premier League under David Moyes. A signing that would no doubt become a first choice over players such as Fellaini.

With Louis van Gaal informing Ed Woodward to get rid of Fellaini, who would rule out the outcast going to Galatasaray if David Moyes does end up getting the managers job over there.

Do you think we should get rid of Marouane Fellaini for next season? Comment in the section below.

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By RedManc

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23 replies on “Louis van Gaal doesn't want Marouane Fellaini at Manchester United?”

Give the lad a chance. New manager new tactics, new ideas. No doubt if he’s used correctly he’ll be a beast in our side.

Fellaini deserves another chance. He shouldn’t be sold just yet, the media are cooking a lot of rubbish stories and servin it to the public and why should he be sold after one bad season?

If he carries on this form then yes to selling him, he has already shown what he’s capable of when being played at his preferred positions and what’s not so in the end it all comes down to the Manager to giving precise and proper instructions and advice to the players and obviously Moyes didn’t do it and wasn’t capable of for the most of the horrid season ManUnited had.

Don’t be foolish and sell him now, we’ll see how well he performs under Van Gaal if he has any use for Fellaini, otherwise, it was decent while it lasted.

Why do you think the media are getting on he’s back. You don’t need the media to tell you how awful he is. He’s a complete waste of time & just strolls around the pitch doing nothing. It doesn’t matter what manager he plays under, he’s absolutely useless & the biggest waste of money we’ve ever spent.

he sould be tried till d january transfer window pls van gaal,get us sanchez and nani and kagawa are ones for d future plz dont make a big mistake by selling them

He’s looked poor for Belgium too. He needs to play in a side that’s going to pump long balls up the field to flourish and Van Gaal won’t play like that so I don’t really see a future for him at United.

If its true that lvg said he doesn’t fit his system then he should be sold. I don’t see fellaini performing better than he did Last season. And what is this am hearing about him proving he can play his favourite position. Since that header he scored coming off the bench, he hasn’t played that well. He is too slow and he interferes with play alot. Because he is in the team belgium has been forced to play long crosses into the box and it has not worked out since his last fluke of a goal. His presence in the middle makes the team vulnerable to fast counterattacking players. I hope he doesn’t play against Argentina because messi will eat him up.

Fellaini has never looked like being a United type of player. He is a big, lumbering fella who puts himself about a bit but lacks skill, pace and tactical awareness. When played in an advanced position he can make a nuisance of himself. Reds remember him doing that in the 4-4 home draw with Everton a couple of years back which cost United the title. That game really highlighted United’s defensive weaknesses in midfield eg. Carrick. It was not a justification for buying Fellaini. He is a Moyes type of player and only Moyes would probably buy him.

Give him a chance to prove himself in the team. He was out with an injury and came back and played well. If you sell him you should have his replacements signature already and I don’t see that. Focus on getting new signings instead of selling. Selling is not the priority right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get rid of Carrick if your going to sell a player and leave Fellaini alone. He hasn’t had a chance to prove himself and selling him unfair. Be a GOD DAMN human being and think of how he would feel. He is an EXCELLENT player leave him alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Focus on buying players.

You people are idiots. You don’t sell a player until he is given the chance to prove himself. How would you feel if this would happen to you? I am a Manchester United fan from birth. 10 years with this club and I will always be a Red Devil to the end and I say keep him and give him a chance. If he doesn’t perform sell him in January simple.

You say you have been with United for ten years and since birth. Presumably that means you are ten years old.

That explains it.

Those saying fellaini deserves a second chance are deluded as he is one of the worse midfield players we have ever had at this club and should be sold as soon as possible. Fellaini is not a ManUtd player and will never be good enough to be at this club, Ferguson never wanted him and we only signed him because of that joke moyes. Time to sell the waste of space along with young, zaha, anderson because none of them are good enough to be at this football club. Cleverley deserves another chance as he is good enough and was played out of position under moyes, Ferguson got the best out of Clevz and so will van gaal but some have no problem claiming we should dump the talented tom cleverley yet keep the extremely rubbish fellaini. Fellaini is up there with kleberson, djemba-djemba, milne as one of our worse ever signings and deserves nothing but to be sold by the club.


As you said it is down to the manager to get the best from players.

I.E. it all comes down to the Manager to giving precise and proper instructions and advice to the players

This I totally agree with but moyes was the manager that brought Felliani in ( having managed him for years at Everton) and still he was at best below par?So how are we to expect lvg to get Felliani to show a resemblance to a united player?

If he couldn’t fiss him self into Moyes slogish style of attacking game den is it in Van Gaal tactic (attacking) style dat he can fit? Dat cant be possible. Please sell him now before it get worse.

Sell him! Just because he always used to cause us trouble was no reason to buy him. He’s a one trick pony who’d be better off at a club who’ll be happy to settle for mid table

August 2012, Once, fellaini caused us problems once. People keep acting like fellaini was a constant threat for Everton v Utd, he was a threat only once, august 2012. Fellaini is rubbish, an untalented footballer who is not good enough to be at Manchester United, we must sell him this summer.

I feel sorry for the guy, he’s not good enough and its not his fault. In an ideal world he would be given abit more time but that just wont happen after last season. He’s not the only one who should go, Nani who has had years to prove himself and if anything gone backwards, Young who just cant cut it at the highest-level, Anderson. Cleverly should be given one more season to show some improvement.

We should keep him because he us so much better then other midfielders, carricks career is coming to an end once that has he come replace him

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