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Wayne Rooney’s Future at Manchester United Under Louis Van Gaal

Not so long ago things were looking up for Rooney, after yet more rumors that he wanted to leave he was awarded an outrageous new 5 year deal worth 300k a week. It was also thought that with Vidic leaving Rooney would also be made captain for next season. He also had a manager that has always believed in him and was probably Moyes’s first man on the team sheet.

This could all now change with Van Gaal’s appointment, with a big chance that things could change for the Englishman. Firstly Van Gaal is known for his disregard of big personalities and superstars in teams, something which Rooney has always seem to have. If Van Gaal had been managing at the time of Rooney’s second attempt to get a huge contract then Wayne probably would have been out the door.


Secondly the Dutchman has normally always employed the 4-3-3 or the 4-2-3-1 formation when managing his teams in the past, although he has stated that he can be flexible this could be trouble for Rooney. There is a high probability that Van Persie will be play up top on his own so where does that leave Wayne. He isn’t going to play on the left like he did from time to time with Fergie so it looks as if it would be a battle with the Spaniard.

Until Van Persie got inured earlier in the season Moyes was trying to incorporate all three of United’s star men with Mata drawing the short straw and being shifted out wide. When RVP was injured Rooney was moved up top and it didn’t take long and something that all football fans knew was that how good and how much more effective Mata is in the number ten role. So the battle would be between Rooney and Mata to probably play at the spearhead of a middle three or behind the striker.


Another problem for Wayne is Van Gaal’s friendship with Van Persie, this could see Woodward’s plans go out the window. As Rooney was pretty much nailed on to be the United captain next season with Vidic leaving. Van Gaal could very easily appoint Robin as Captain for next season as he already has for the Dutch national team. This could very well put Rooney in another one of his moods especially if he doesn’t get much play time in the coming season.

A big factor for Rooney and his future under Van Gaal is to impress this summer at the World Cup. This is something many England fans and people around the world have expected from the ex Everton man. Understandably you can see why people think Rooney should shine in the big competitions with his form for United over the years, but this hasn’t been the case. Still yet to score in a World Cup his performances have been poor for his county and he will need to show something this summer to try and sway Van Gaal to play him.


Best case scenario for Rooney is Van Gaal adopts a formation with two up top allowing him to play alongside Van Persie with Mata in behind feeding them balls. Van Gaal also makes Rooney captain and backs him for the time as United manager. Or worst case for Wayne could be for Van Gaal to give the captaincy to Robin, drop Wayne from the team and leave him on the bench cutting his play time dramatically.

An interesting scenario that some fans would be against but many fans in favour of would be for Van Gaal to just sell Rooney. I’m sure Ed Woodward and the board would throw a fit but the new manager isn’t afraid off upsetting people. Many fans will never forgive Rooney for his attempts to leave the club and selling him would finally give Mata a better chance of a starting spot every week without having to drop him of Rooney.

This being said even if Van Gaal wanted to sell Rooney United would try everything possible not to sell to another Premier League club. With Chelsea very interested after reportedly putting in a couple of bids last season which United quickly quashed. United would ideally want to sell to a foreign club but there are many clubs who would be silly enough to pay £30-£40 million and his ridiculous wages. There’s probably only PSG who would be mad enough to pay that sort of money for a 30 year old, there’s also Real Madrid but they are looking at other targets such as Aguero and Suarez.

There are many questions surrounding next season with the new man in charge, Van Gaal will have to make a bid decision with Rooney. Whether he incorporates him into a system or cut his losses and convinces the board to allow United to sell him. What are your opinions on Rooney, should United keep him or sell him?

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Rooney wouldn’t have a lot of options in terms of moving clubs. A really good World Cup might convince Real Madrid, especially if they fail with both Aguero and Suarez, but its still a long shot. The problem we have is that neither Rooney or Mata have great pace, which causes a real tactical problem. However Mata did play on the left side of a 4-3-3 formation for Valencia, so it might be a role that Van Gaal uses him in. Van Gaal is a much better manager than Moyes and he might find a better way of getting the best from Mata given when he is wide left.

I tweeted a few weeks ago that Wayne Rooney needs to have an outstanding World Cup up top, if he doesn’t score his fair share, or even shine in the way the country now expects, then he could find himself playing in Central Midfield at MUFC next season.

My reasons – he’s been playing top flight, world class, premier league football for what? 15 yrs give or take, this is week in week out with not a massive injury history.

He’s peaked up top, he could offer the game, the club and his country a lot more if he was truly honest with himself.

He would fall straight into the “world class midfielder” category within 1 season. His vision and execution is second to none, his energy and pace would get him box box faster than anyone, he could instigate a counter attack and goal within seconds, viva ronaldo and tevez, what a season that was, he loves a long range effort and a free kick.

His passion and strength will never die and I think the sooner this happen, Man Utd problems would go away very quickly.

He’s the complete midfielder already but nobody has ever had the ordasity to publicly declare it – Welcome LVG.

Rooney should leave imo cos I feel he is preventing players like Kagawa and Mata from reaching their full potential. Also I’m watching Rooney now for England and he is playing awfully bad and Sturridge is out shining him no doubt about that. He’s past it and he should have gone at the start of last season. Trust me once Rooney goes we WILL improve dramatically.

To me i think this wil be a problem for us next season. I think we should give him a try and watch him in this world cup to see weather he will shine! Selling him now will not be an option.

Rooney is still a good player but his best days are behind him. His first touch has become heavy and his mobilty is not what it was.

If van Gaal has a plan to incorporate Rooney then fine but otherwise consider moving him on. Where he would be allowed to go is a moot point. The transfer fee is also an issue but not the only one. It’s also the 15 million quid a year wages for the next five years which is of concern. He’ll never be worth that sort of money.

Sell Rooney asap. He is not a Manchester United Player. He does not have the right ethos and hey-he is really overated. Sell Rooney keep Hernandez!

Have they got mad rooney will shine under van gaal in any tactics. He can played as left or right winger in a 4-3-3 system or even in central midfield like scholes.

This appears to be a very complex article about a very simple problem with a very simple solution. Rooney is overweight, overpaid and overrated so sell him, bring in a couple of new players with the money and STILL save some of his salary.
There now, not that difficult was it?

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