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OPINION: What Manchester United need to do this summer

It’s been a horrid season, our worst since the Premier League era began. We all wanted to fall in love with the David Moyes story. Taking the helm from the greatest British manager of all time was never going to be easy but the job was simply too big for him. The results, the performances, the press conferences, the players; it was all wrong.

Now Manchester United head into the summer without a manager;  Ryan Giggs is taking charge for now at least. It seems very likely that Van Gaal will be the one to take charge. Whoever is in charge it promises to be a massive summer. We’ve been bombarded with rumours of transfers with Luke Shaw seemingly a done deal. Now everyone is entitled to their opinion and I will be giving my opinion as to what should happen this summer regarding transfers.


We have a lot of players that will be or at least should be leaving this summer. Anderson and Vidic are both already confirmed as leaving with the possibilty of losing Evra and Ferdinand getting more likely each week.

1. Andres Lindegaard: To start I think we should sell Lindegaard. Now don’t get me wrong he’s a good goalkeeper but that’s the problem, he’s too good to be sitting on our bench each week. He could be a #1 and do really well somewhere else, we should promote Amos or Johnstone to be our #2 instead.

2. Patrice Evra: I’ve beyond lost my patience with Evra this year, cost us so many points with his shoddy defending. A perfect example is when he scored a fantastic goal to put us one up against Bayern and then he was arguably at fault for all 3 goals that followed. It’s time for him to go.

3. Ashley Young: Has never been good enough for United, he’s ‘disliked’ by many United fans and well the less said the better.

4. Tom Cleverley: Everyone wants him to be a success, a Manchester boy coming through the ranks into the first team it’s a perfect story. This season’s been by far his worse and in my opinion h’s never going to be good enough.

5. Nani: On his day a fantastic player, off his day one of the worst. Sums up Nani’s United career, so frustrating and consistently inconsistent.

6. Chichairto/Welbeck: I don’t want either of these players to leave, I love them both but both has expressed their frustration at lack of games/being played out of position. United have also been heavily linked with Cavani so it seems one or even both will have to leave this summer.


1. Luke Shaw: A lot of reports have linked United to the youngster and some even reporting the deal is done. The reported £30m price tag seems a lot for a 18 year-old left back but he’ll prove to be a world class player and could be our LB for over a decade to come.

2. Toni Kroos: Again United have been linked with him all year, a deal seems unlikely but not impossible. Exactly the kind of player we need in our midfield. Again would come with a huge price tag and wages but would be worth it.

3. Carvalho or Fabregas: I’m sure there’s plenty of names I could list, we need 2 world class midfielders Kroos being one and possibly Carvalho or Fabregas being the other. Seems unrealistic but if we have £200m to spend why not?

4. A right-back: I stuggled to think of names for this one. Rafael isnt the most reliable RB and he gets injured on what seems like a monthly basis. We need cover or someone to compete for the starting spot. Seeing Valencia, Jones or Smalling at RB is painful at times.

5. Marco Reus/Antoine Griezmann: I am a huge fan of both players and if Nani & Young were to leave as I suggested one of these would be a perfect replacement. Both are fantastic pacey, tricky wingers that would fit perfectly into our squad.

If we sell Welbeck, Van Persie or Chicharito we’ll need another striker. Cavani has been linked and springs to mind. I didn’t add him to the list because unless we sell a striker he’s not needed.

Whoever is the manager for next season and whatever the targets may be, it’s clear that there will be a lot of business to be done.

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8 replies on “OPINION: What Manchester United need to do this summer”

I think nani Anderson evra young Río should leave i think van gaal could take cleverley to a different level, i would like a new rb lb cb 2 world class mids and give our youngsters the chances up front and on the wings

carrick out the midfield

rafael fluctuated far too much in performance, but we also need a natural back-up or even someone better than rafael

i really want to see if jones/smalling can be our new central defensive pair, and i really aint too sure about buttner, but shaw could be nice for left back

midfield…. janujaz needs to be developed as an out wide player… none of this bull about him being central NOOOOO!!!! you all saw it… he tore down that wing vs hull!! out wide you need to be quick, able to take on players and pass on the floor or in the air (always prefer along the floor) wing play suits janujaz better!!! whilst central attacking play suits mata kagawa!!

zaha… hes been at cardiff… you can carry a team in the championship… but not in the premier league. give him a chance of first team play at utd.. if its attitude problems then test him. show him a taste of what he can have if he acts right, if still not then give him the boot. but give him an actual chance at a real club!

i would love to see powell develop more at united and we need actual rotation up front. i honestly believe welbeck might wel be best at being developed into a winger. hes got skills on the ball and can dribble pretty well, but hes best at making a pass to a striker than finishing. great talent and dont want to see him leave

nani may have to go, along with many others. cleverley, would like to see him played as a holding midfielder, but we need a more experienced holding midfielder for sure!

i want to see some true experimentation but a united 2.0

crossing from the wing needs to be advanced to more play on the ground, faster smarter more accurate incisive play. forget the reliance on crosses from out wide.

de gea
rafael smalling jones shaw

new holding midfielder signing/cleverley

zaha mata kagawa janujaz – interchange with welbeck, valencia on wings, powel in the middle

RVP/rooney/hernandez either 1 or 2 up front

we can really mix things up and be formidable in attack. most importantly, that back four would not have to over-commit, and so we can maintain a strong back four!

I think we have seen them with the best acting next season.
all of them are the best in the world.
James. Wilson is one of the debuted player who showed fantastic acting in last match! And…

Cleverley cannot play holding midfeild he plays best in a 1 touch an move counter attacking team as we saw when he first broke into the side, Carrick is useful in certain games but we’re crying out for an enforcer in their. Nani is pathetic like young and Valencia still cant cross a ball so promote the kids full time for the wings. Welbeck is a CF simple as so play him or sell him!.

We do not need any new players from outside. i have been saying this for ages and saying it again. We have all the talent inhouse, in the youth system and we just need to promote them. Giggs proved it in the last match. GGMU…

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