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Match Report: Manchester United 4-0 Norwich City

Ryan Giggs promised us football played with style and at pace and, eventually, that’s what we got, United crushing Norwich with a second half performance that showed an uninhibited approach seen all too seldom at Old Trafford this season and cruising to victory via goals from Wayne Rooney and Juan Mata.

Although United’s fans gave the interim manager and his coaching team the anticipated rapturous reception, it wasn’t until late in the second half that the team rid themselves of the edginess that has characterised so many displays this season. Though the Reds dominated possession in the early stages, there was a prevalent element of caution whenever they got into the Norwich box and too often a final ball that went agonisingly astray. This was a team, you sensed, attempting to play with adventure but still possessing an understandably low level of confidence following the season’s traumas.

When they finally began to shed this caution, the goals came quickly. Danny Welbeck was brought down in the area by Whittaker in the fortieth minute and Rooney, who’d had a quiet game until then, made no mistake from the penalty spot. The goal sparked the team into action and the second half was one-way traffic, Norwich’s need to get back into the game opening up more gaps that the Reds eagerly exploited. First, Rooney grabbed his second with a curling shot that found the net via the far post then, after Welbeck had brought a fine save out of Ruddy, substitute Mata converted a cross from Jones and grabbed a second goal himself when he headed home to tidy up after Valencia had gone close.

One swallow doesn’t make a summer, as they say, and we’ve had enough false dawns this season not to get too carried away with a single convincing victory, but there was a sense that, on the evening of 26 April 2014 Manchester United rediscovered its soul, both on and off the pitch, and what might otherwise have been regarded as a fairly inconsequential victory at the end of a dismal season felt much, much sweeter than that.

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9 replies on “Match Report: Manchester United 4-0 Norwich City”

I only saw the 2nd half but I think Kagawa was playing left midfielder. So that makes Giggs the 3rd manager to play him in that position.
I didn’t see a nice cross from Valencia. Jones provided much more threatening crosses and was defensively great.
Evra still got beat, he allowed a cross that reach the penalty spot. Luckily
there was no Norwich player.

All in all, a win is a win. ManU’s play was faster and pressing. Way better
than before. There were 1-2 passing and more movement from the
players. All we need is a game with some tougher opponents. I would
like to see how we fair against Chelsea. I think that is the barometer.
It is where we will be measured.

I think Giggs and company can take ManU to the future. The only things
left to test him on are the transfer market, promoting or finding young
players, and the politics of being a football manager.

Glory Glory Man United.

Would be good for young Brit players wiith Giggs at the helm.Thats soon the end of that with Vangaal taking over the show,with his own helpers and buying players from europe.Hope Giggs can keep his foot in the door though, he will be able to learn how to be ruthless and arrogant like he rest of em.

watched the full game and was delighted with the result and second half performance. I still dont think Cleverly is a United payer he has had his chances and he has messed them. No effect on the game offensively or defensively. Valencia needs to work on his crossings, you cant have 20 chances of crossing and make only two successful ones. Kagawa and Mata should be played in their natural position and that is in the hole. Kagawa out wide is a defensive liability like we saw at Everton. A goo left back, experienced central defense and two Box to Box midfielders will be enough for rebuilding next season.

The first half was boring. And i believe that united should sell cleversly and A.young these player isn’t worth to be united player.

Cleversly and a.young seem useless i didn’t enjoyed their performances. They make no differences. Instant giggs should have played januzaj and fellaini

I hope giggs played kagawa in central midfield role rather than cleversly in next match. Then januzaj in left and valencia in right. We will won 6-0

Chicharito was superb he miss a great chance to score but am sure with giggs as manager we will see our old chicharito back scoring goal in every match

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