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Is David Moyes about to be sacked by Manchester United?

It has emerged over the last few hours that David Moyes is set to be sacked by the board at Manchester United.

The leaked reports come from a large number of journalists and newspapers. One of these is the Telegraph and Manchester correspondent Mark Ogden, who normally is very reliable when it comes to Manchester United news from within the club. Numerous other newspapers alike are reporting the same thing like the Daily Mail and the Mirror.

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This comes after Moyes’ return to Goodison Park where he watched his side slump to another loss, their 11th of the season it seems it was the final straw. It seems the Glazer family have lost patience with Moyes just 11 months into his 6 year contract. The report also mentioned that the Scotsman could face the sack before United’s game with Norwich this coming weekend. It was also noted that Moyes’ background staff are also very likely to leave with Moyes

Also included in the report is that if Moyes is sacked before the season ends it’s expected that Ryan Giggs will take charge.

Are the Glazers right to sack Moyes? Who should replace him? Leave your opinion in the comments below.

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13 replies on “Is David Moyes about to be sacked by Manchester United?”

He does not have a footballing philosophy that will take the club forward.
He appears to be a hard working man but is out of his depth at a world class club.

This should have been done during winter when MU was already off the pace in the Premier League and had just managed to get into the last 16 of the Champions League. He totally destroyed MU attacking style of play and playing some players not in their favoured position. Not only that, he loaned out promising players like Powell and Lingard, and hardly played Zaha for whatever reason.

I’ve been saying this since late September.(We should have twigged on, during the preseason tour). The quicker he goes the better. And as much a great manager that SAF was(simply the best), please do not ask him or Charlton to select the next one. But in order to stave off a civil war within the club, as let’s face it, the Glasers are clueless about football.My suggestion would be Gary Neville and Giggs as the team to work. Backed up by Rene Meulensen, Mike Phelan and as goalkeeping coach Edwin Van Der Sar. Second choice would be Van Gaal with Meulensen or De Boer. It needs to be done quick, before Steve Bruce visits with Hull and has another first, by beating us for the first time. What a nightmare this has been, but I remember Frank O’Farrell and he got us relegated.

Hope its true, this should have happened before Christmas as it was clear to see he was out of his depth. Its not about giving him time. Its like giving time to Allardyce, Pulis etc hes the same standard as those. He should fuck off immediately

Is Moyes expectator or what, I don’t know what he tells his players before a match, I don’t seem to like him the first day he step his foot at old Trafford, he lacks leadership qualities,doesn’t know the kind of formation he want to exhibit, lack ambition and philosophy cast in the mode of man united, the earlier he sees the sack better for my darling club. GGMU

Lets pray this turns out true. Next permanent manager needs to be a proven winner with experience. Enough of this sort of experiment with a mediocre manager

We have seen enough of Moyes talent but still the NeXT manager has a big job to do.The new boss needs good football managing skills and personal relationship skills to keep it all buzzing.

Many comments here with good content and meaning. My thoughts are exactly the same. He’s out of his depht and should have gone earlier in the season, oh wait.. He should never have been appointed manager!

I hate to say this, but I think it’s a relevant and good point: Brendan Rodgers had a clear philosophy and how they were going to play their game. It took him time but as you all see now it has payed off. My experience from Moyes so far this season is that he has no gameplan or strict philosophy to stick to. He has tried everything but it doesen’t work. Get back Meuleensteen and appoint Van Gaal. These two dutchmen are winners and will get this club back on track!

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