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William Carvalho to Manchester United - What's all the fuss about?

William Carvalho is an Angolan born Portuguese midfielder who currently is enjoying life in his national league with Sporting Lisbon, who currently sit 7 points behind the league leaders Benfica in a healthy second spot. They’ve only lost twice all season and seem to produce some excellent youngsters. Admittedly, I didn’t know any of this until news began to circulate that David Moyes was planning to swoop for the 22 year old the moment the summer transfer window opens.

So why is Moyes interested in buying another midfielder for seemingly ridiculous amount of money? It certainly seems like an odd move. But after some forensic Youtube analysis, I came to the conclusion that this guy might actually be the real deal. He does the basics with a mesmerising amount of ease and doesn’t seem to panic under a severe amount of pressure, which is sadly more than I can say for some of United’s current midfielders. There’s actually a gorgeous moment during Portugal’s world cup qualifier against Sweden where he seems to have lost the ball in a dangerous area to a gang of Sweden players but merely outwits and outmuscles them and sets up a counterattack of his own in about 3 touches, it verges on mind boggling.

There’s absolutely no doubt that this very well built man can play a bit, his tackling isn’t pretty but affective, he actually possesses the rare talent of being able to make tackles whilst retreating from a striker with the ball. His positioning is very well maintained for a 22 year old, it allows him to be in comfortable places for defending but also dangerous for attacking. Although having said that, Carvalho doesn’t appear to be the type of player who wants to get forward very often, which is supposedly a reason why Moyes takes an interest in him. His passing accuracy is generally quite dependable and has the very unique skill of being able to unleash a long pass or a shot with very little backlift. What’s noticeable above all of this is the fact that he is only 22 years of age, meaning he is yet to have fully developed, which is an intriguing prospect.

The question is I suppose is; will he fit into this Manchester United team? With Sporting Lisbon, he plays as a lone defensive midfielder behind a more advanced 3, which is something I’ve thought would suit United but just doesn’t happen. At United, Moyes employs two defensive midfielders. This will be something Carvalho will need to adjust to, but it is something that isn’t alien to him, he seemed to play very fluently alongside Joao Mountinho for Portugal. Theres no doubt that the English league is a lot quicker than the league he’s used to, this is something that he will have to grow in to. He doesn’t run the risk of being immobilised by anyone because he is a colossal human being, you certainly wouldn’t flick him on the ear when he isn’t looking. His measured passing is similar to Carrick (who doesn’t have too many seasons left in him) in the way that he patiently anticipates the right pass. He seems to have that tenacity and eagerness to cut out any shot, pass or cross that comes within a 10 metre radius of him. His defensive game is reminiscent of Phil Jones, only with a bit more poise and regimentation.

So the ‘overhaul’ could begin with this bloke and it doesn’t seem like a bad place to start. I must acknowledge that Youtube doesn’t always tell the truthabout players like this, thousands of clips about Neymar and his incomprehensible ability to ghost past players with silky skill caused everyone to be intensely excited about this man, but he turned out to be more or less inanimate in big games. So all the nice things I’ve said about him may not actually come to fruition, so don’t come after me if he turns out to be the next Djemba-Djemba.


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By Leo Nieboer

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29 replies on “William Carvalho to Manchester United - What's all the fuss about?”

You worked out he was able to do all those things and had all those traits just by watching a few youtube video’s.?

i have also done his youtube analysis.what worries me is his lack of mobility,sluggishness nd slow game.His positning is quite good his link up is good but i just think his workrate and speed of the moves is disturbing.Couldnot get a load at his shooting abilities his heading & does he trail back? i think what utd has beenmissing in a def holding mf is his ability to give those crucial ling range stunners like wt evra did agnst bm,what vidal nd fernandinhi can do

Moyes does not scout anyone, he stalks them…..I believe that he and his team have watched this fella 53 times…..I’m expecting Micah Richards, Lescott and a couple of other ‘frees’…..We’ve had years of ‘blether’ from SAF, such as ‘There’s no value in the transfer market’….then he signed…Bebe and Young…for 24 million combined, whilst City signed Silva……We still have Bebe, Young , Fellaini, Nani, Anderson ( Same price as Yaya Toure) on the books….Yep..Could someone get a grip of the club I love.

Carvaliho wont score goals but can pass and gets stuck in. Although not proven in a top league well and truly worth the rusk.

While fergie refused to pay ott money for players. They went elsewhere and were now paying for that. I trust moyes cause whatever his flaws n yes he has them. Spotting potential is NOT one of them. #moyes in 100% not because fergie before you start. I can see what he wants to do. Just took a bit longer
than expected.

Dear lewdawg,

If Spotting talent is one of moyes traits, he would hv bring barkley instead of fellani. I rest my case.

If u’re looking at eve n admiring moyes work, then I should say moyes should still be out cos utd has the habit of buying ronaldos, cantonas, vidics, soljaar, andy cole and Dwight yorke. Now, that’s is the talent we want to spot.

Hope utd appoints van gall this summer or better still kloop. These guys may not be fergie but these guys would at least give us the knd of success we deserve. Give van gall a three yr deal as he is in twilight of his carrer and then snap up potential upcoming coach

I will never trust David a single penny to buy players. He will just pay exorbitantly for some mysterious reason just as he paid for this fellaini fella. He will just dry up MU coffers to watch games everywhere in the world becos he has no clue of managing a successful team. Lacking in vision and management capability, he should try his luck managing a Japanese professional club or high school club first before graduating to manage a conference club to win titles. MU don’t continue making mistakes by allowing him at the helm.

I like the idea of playing Carvalho as lone defensive midfielder’s and then having 3 attacking midfielder’s in the team. It would be very exciting to watch, especially as we actually have attacking players in the squad. Moyes would need to be less cautious to actually try it, which I doubt. Maybe a manager like Louis Van Gaal would be more adventurous and go with almost a diamond system. It’s something Fergie toyed with last season but didn’t push it enough.

…………………….De Gea………………..




…………..Rooney….Van Persie……

Moyes has to be cautious as he has to protect the likes of Evra by playing valencia/young. Once we solve our LB and CM issues,things will change.

Nice team…even with just those two additions, it already changes the dynamic of the team. We also need some quality in depth too! Powell to come back, and Janko, Wilson promoted too!

Moyes will buy the same class of player that he did at Everton. The only diiference being that United, being United, will have to pay top wack for such players. Moyes is a middle-ranking manager who will buy middle-ranking players, but United will be expected to pay top-ranking prices.

Moyes might well not want to buy any seriously top class players because he is intimidated by them. They expose his managerial limitations. He couldn’t even manage a forty year old Giggsy properly, never mind RVP. I think Mata was bought by Woodward’s consultants on behalf of United, not at the behest of Moyes, who clearly didn’t know what to do with him when he arrived.

Moyes is much more comfortable with a group of mainly average players, with the odd ‘star’ player like Rooney, overpaid and over-indulged, who can be moulded into a team of ‘plucky underdogs’ trying to punch above their weight. Rather that, than deal with top class players at an elite football club.


Fabregas? Herrera? His very public and embarrasing pursuit of these two players pisses on this theory. However, it does seem that he is out of his depth at United.

Chasing Fabregas was all smoke and mirrors, a publicity stunt. It was never really on. Might as well says he was chasing Ronaldo.

The reality is he signed Fellaini for 27 mill.

A club of utds stature needs a manager who has a winning mentality. How is a manager who hasn’t won anything supposed to instil a winning belief among his players when he doesn’t even know what it is himself? Fact is as many others have said here moyes is an average manager and shows no signs of that changing.

The way he sets a utd team up is not like we’re going out there to win, he sets us up to be hard to beat. Which in itself puts utd on the back foot from the offset in most games. We’ve been patient with this guy for a whole season now and he’s done nothing to suggest he warrants another year in charge of our club. Would he have even been afforded this amount of time at Chelsea, city or Tottenham? I think not. Get rid of him now and don’t be daft enough to let him blow a load of money on average fellaniesque players in the summer


I think Moyes will be fine next season. It was a huge job to come into an orginisation run by a legend like SAF. This season has been worse than expected but we will bounce back. Keep the faith in the greatest club of all!

All rubbish chants against Moyes,he might not have won ny trophy at everton but it his good work that is paying them off now,luk at their wages nd budgets everton r giving arsenal,utd,tottenham a run for their money.
Moyes could very well solve the prob f rooney,get him to better shape motivate him nd get him a new contract.
As per reports,it was not moyes who was in favour f fellani,had he been intrsted he wud hv bought him at d first day f d window itws d board which was pesturing him for him.
Utd still has the best away record in epl yes better than chelsea,lpool,city etc
Utd was still among the top8 clubs in europe nd dey cud compete agnst bayern
Utd still got the best plr f der rivals mata
Yes all under 1 man Moyes.Nxt season well get r transfer targets nd compete for d title

I really think there r some rivals fans in these blogs who is trying to justify for moyes ineptness by pointing to the work moyes has done in eve.

Well, to all those idiots, we r Manchester United and we expect someone to marshall our midfield like cantona not meriless

Moyes is trying to do something similar to what Bayern is doing currently. Thats why Giggs is part of the coaching team together with P.Neville. In 5 years time, we should see the advantages of same.

With regards to William Carvalho, there is no video of Youtube that justifies £37.1 M. He looks more like a £ 19.0 M player at most while taking into account his potential resale value.

Moyes is not the only culprit for this season. Players as well should be blamed..

Imagine if Liverpool gave up on Rodgers after his first season in charge. Some of you United fans make me laugh the way you think nothing should change after the greatest Manager in the BPL leaves the club!!!! We all admired the job Moyes did at Everton as well as Fellaini but now, after a not-so-good season, they’re trash!!!! Lol. Just do what all the players and ex-players are asking you to do and give the man a chance.

I had stopped watching MU games for about 4 months now. DM is not capable of bringing out the best from the players. Regrettably, he is incompetent and clueless with what to do with the tremendous amount of talents and experience available in the club. He must quit or see more fans quitting from supporting the club.

Bring SAF back to become one position above David Moyes so that the latter can be his understudy until he quit voluntarily. Big mistake by SAF to appoint DM so let him solve the problem of getting him out of the club without incurring much financial loss.

They’re looking for a long term replacement. Someone who will be there for 25 years. Not here for 3, Spain for 2, Italy for 3, etc etc etc.

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