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Robin Van Persie's future at Manchester United?

Robin Van Persie, the last big signing by Ferguson before his retirement, bought for one sole purpose to win the Scot and Manchester United another Premier League title. As we know he delivered on this becoming United’s star man and fan favourite in a brilliant debut season from the Dutchman. It was very rare to see Fergie spend big money on an established star especially as old as Van Persie, but his gamble without a doubt paid off.

Unfortunately this season he hasn’t had the same impact, slipping back into his old injury habits that plagued him at Arsenal for years. Scoring goals hasn’t been his problem it’s just getting him on the pitch regularly. With the return of his fitness problems, speculation has arose regarding David Moyes’s training methods and whether they were causing Van Persie to get injured.  These were quickly squashed by RVP and Moyes but something has never seemed right with 30 year old this season.


Also add to the fact that surprisingly when Van Persie hasn’t played United have looked a better attacking outfit this season. Without him in the side there has been a much better flow and fluidity to the side allowing United to create more chances.

This is down to a couple of things, recent games have shown that Mata has to play behind the striker in the number 10 role, something we all knew. This gives United better creativity than when Rooney plays in that role, this then allows Wayne to play up front.  Also when Robin doesn’t play United are a much quicker side, RVP is now 30 and he’s never been a fast player, his mobility hinders United at times.

In recent weeks Welbeck or Hernandez up top has given United a threat in behind opposition defences which you don’t get with Van Persie. He prefers the ball to feet where as Hernandez or Welbeck will stretch opposition defences allowing space to open up for others.


United’s recent form without the Dutchman has got some fans believing he should move on and be sold by the club in the summer. A season ago fans would have laughed of this suggestion but nearly a year down the line since RVP’s hat-trick to seal the title could he be on his way?

Firstly let’s not forget what the Dutchman has achieved in his short time at Old Trafford, Premier League winner something he never achieved at Arsenal. United’s player of the season and top goal scorer in the Premier League for second the consecutive year. He was without a doubt the difference in the title race, giving United goals and performances at key times when it really mattered.

This season even with injuries and some poorer performances he has still notched 17 goals in 22 games, which is still impressive.  Even with suggestions that United play better without him he came up trumps again with a great hat-trick at home against Olympiakos when the team really needed it, sending United threw to the quarter finals of the Champions League.


Looking away from stats and performances Van Persie is supremely talented, a fantastic player, regarded by some as the best striker in world last year. He worked very hard to get here though, few years ago his right foot was poor and his heading was not consistent, imcluding his hold up play. But he was worked on these aspects and now is a much more complete forward than he was 4-5 years ago. Possessing one of the best left foots on the planet there is no doubt he can still produce and contribute to the United side.

In reality though this summer is going to be a busy one for United and there is chance he could be off. Firstly if Mata is to stay playing behind the striker it means there’s only one main spot up top available and with Rooney singing a big 300k new contract I can only see Wayne filling that role. There’s also still a question mark over his happiness as something has just seemed different about him this season.

In terms of selling RVP United knew when they signed him that they weren’t really going to get any of the £24 million back, but I’m sure they wouldn’t have been expecting to sell this soon. With that in mind would United be able to offer RVP as bait to a top side like Juventus or Dortmund in order to try and lure a top player like Vidal or Reus to Old Trafford? Unlikely but a possible idea as United wouldn’t want to sell to another Premier league club so selling aboard would be the only option.


Selling RVP still sounds odd to me but for players like Mata, Januzaj and Kagawa to flourish the Dutchman may need to go or prepare to fight for the striker position with Rooney etc. If he is sold even being in the interest on the team and its future it will still be a shame. A player that bought so much happiness to United fans, the volley against Villa, the last minute winner against City, many great moments that United fans will always remember. Give us your thoughts on whether United should keep or sell him; can David Moyes integrate RVP, Rooney and Mata into the same team?

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16 replies on “Robin Van Persie's future at Manchester United?”

With the current team and formations being used, he would not be worth keeping. However, after bringing in a potential 4-5 new starters, things could change a lot, perhaps with mata, rooney, and rvp all able to play in comfortable roles. Still, RVP will have to play with the energy he had last year

He should stay he is better than kagawa but if he is to battle with roneey I think he easily wins that with good service he could easily score 40+goals or better still roneey could move to midfield

In my opinion 2 striker play; rooney , RVP . Mata & kangawa supporting no. 10. Carrick & fellaini supporting mid . 4 defence

Although it won’t happen because we’re paying him > £300k a week I’d sooner have RVP in the side than Rooney…..purely on principle, he should have been sold to Chelsea/City or whoever would take the greedy scouse gob shite.

RVP should nt be sole out for any reasons. They is nothing bad with a club to have players of the same position. Look at Chelsea they have Ba,E to,torise etc and the club is still using them. So man u should keep RVP

If Van Gaal comes in, RVP stays.And we will be fine.
If Moyes stays he will play him on the wing .He will also remain crocked for the rest of his career, due to Moyes ridiculous training methods.RVP will end up hitting Moyes. This would not be the first time Moyes has been punched by a player. But RVP may have to join a long queue.
If Gary Neville, Giggs, Meulensen, and Phelan come back ,he will be sold.
We will buy and attract some great players with skill and speed, and utilize the kids coming through.Now that is the United blueprint.Oh yes, Fellaini will be sold.
I personally wish Moyes no physical harm but he needs to go, for his sake.

Rooney is the problem not RVP and here is why remember when Ronald Tevez and Berba were around Roo did not want to play anywhere except for the striker position and put in a transfer request holding the team ransom and got his money and he shut up fast forward RVP Kagawa come in all of a sudden Fergie is playing him out of position even though he cried for it once again puts in a request to leave Moyes comes in treats him like a god gives him more money than his worth and is even considered as a future captain once again got his way now we all wonder why Moyes is not soso popular with the more senior players we go the one player united need to get rid of is Rooney he is the problem imagine Mata Kagawa behind RVP not that ransom holding thug

“Most” of our online brigade are clueless idiots … is anyone suggesting Rooney is a better no9 than rvp!

I think he should be asked to do a teddy Sherringham type role ie on the bench / stand in for Rooney when he’s injured or out of form or if he’s losing his edge at the 60 minute mark in the match . If he won’t do this then sell him but thats the best for the Man U with mata kagawa and januzai behind .

He should stay… even he is not on top form this year, he still show us that he is still important for us. And we must keep support and help him to come back into his peak again.. as soon as possible…

I think we still need RVP
because he is a great player
and he always gives us
important results when
we need it,its not a must
that he should start for the first team but when you
have a substites like him
there’s no doubt that you
can overturn the results if
you are down.

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