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Manchester United quick to dismiss Van Gaal rumours

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding Manchester United manager David Moyes after the worst Premier League season in the clubs history and this speculation continued over the past few days with reports linking the former FC Bayern Munich boss, Van Gaal to replace David Moyes in the summer.

These reports suggested that Manchester United representatives and a member of the Glazer family have already help meetings with the Dutch coach who’s contract with Holland runs out this summer after the World Cup. Manchester United have dismissed these reports and have noted they are ”surprised’ by these reports.

Last summer when David Moyes was appointed he signed a six-year contract but many doubt his tenure will see out his full contract. The debating about whether Moyes should stay or go will continue for months to come it seems.

Sounds like the board are preparing to invest as much as £200million in to Manchester United’s summer transfer budget, do we trust David Moyes with that budget to buy the correct players?

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5 replies on “Manchester United quick to dismiss Van Gaal rumours”

The champagne uis on ice until I hear the press release: Moyes Sacked.

As for an answer to your question; I wouldn’t trust Moyes with a used bus ticket.

Obviously the club would try to keep any such meeting secret and if news leaked out they would deny it. So their denial tells us nothing.

might be looking too much into this… but without know exactly how this story has developed and statements have been made… i kinda feel like the denial… particularly so soon indicates a cover up attempt.

reached a point where i dont know who to trust as the utd manager… but i have no faith in moyes.

he cannot earn the respect of the players, cannot manage the players, and doesnt even know how to field his players.

v persie plays poor… oh continue playing…. i wont mayb try make u fight for a place by using welb/hernan

rooney everyone says your a no10… even though you started as a striker, scored loads of goals as a striker… and we actually have players that are better in this no 10 position.. so keep on playing there

carrick consistently mediocre, form actually improves when hes not in the midfield… but still plays him

kagawa and mata…. oh yh you like to play central… theres the wings

oh and fans… u hate city… you should aspire for your team to play like them.

for those that wanna make excuses for him… never expect to get back into the champions league with him. we have a squad that can win the trebble… those who say otherwise are being fools! look at everton…. first season without moyes…. look to be in the champions league.

utds first season with moyes…. out of the champions league.

i support the club, and whats best for the club is getting rid of moyes! even if by some miracle we steal 4th!

i guarantee i could have done a better job than him!

I would look forward to next season a hell of a lot more with van gaal as manager than moyes. There is just no way that any sane person in charge at united should have any faith in moyes going forward. It’s not moyes fault the team is fucked but it is crystal clear he is out of his depth at united.

If Moyes is to be replaced, it will probably be without any forewarning. Cannot imagine any public comment from United which appears to undermine Moyes whilst he is in the job.

I just hope that things are going on behind the scenes and that we will wake up one morning to hear that he has been replaced, and that it happens before next season and before any more money is spent on transfers; and before the likes of Kagawa and Chicharito leave.

Even if Ferguson is pig-headed and he continues the ‘give him time’ mantra, surely the Glazers with their hard-headed business mentality will seek more independent advice. If they do that then surely there will be an end in sight to our nightmare.

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