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CONFIRMED SQUAD: Manchester United vs Bayern Munich

Manchester United vs Bayern Munich

(UEFA Champions League)



Manchester United vs Bayern Munich streaming links if you’re interested in watching the match live online.


The Manchester United team news for the game against Bayern Munich at Old Trafford in the UEFA Champions League has just been released:

shakhtar donetsk vs manchester united squads

Starting XI:

de Gea

Jones, Ferdinand, Vidic, Büttner

Valencia, Carrick, Fellaini, Giggs, Welbeck


Subs: Lindegaard, Januzaj, Hernandez, Fletcher, Kagawa, Nani, Young


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By Jack Holt

Once got told off by Steve Bruce.

3 replies on “CONFIRMED SQUAD: Manchester United vs Bayern Munich”

i was so hapy with the team performance! kagawa gave that great extra threat and control to our midfield play! (he earnt that corner for our goal!!) i doubt giggs had a hamstring issue… i bet it was him taking one for the team and admitting he wasnt up to scratch. out on the wing, giggs was never gonna be influential.

but still… i stand by my statemtns carrick is holding us back!!! second to the ball on sooooo many occassions… not pressing enough, poor marking!!!…. should have been there in the middle of the box to stop that bayern goal!!!

i will admit, fellaini had a very good game, but he too could have tracked back to give extra cover, but if carrick is in the box, with all our back 4… he should be watching others and possition for the best cover. carrick is tooooo static!!! we need mobility in the middle of midfield.

2nd leg i like the idea of going more on the tactical offensive

de gea
jones smalling vidic buttner
valencia fellaini mata janujaz

many may laugh at that… but buttner showed he can defend… evra will attack… that will be too dangerous… we need a solid stable back 4!! buttner deserves much credit!

jones was great at right back, rafael may be far too much a liability.

fellaini needs to be given more responsibility of defending and holding off.

midfield doesnt need to overly worry about getting in tackles, stay tight and be fully equipped for counter attacking play, and be able to do the same back to bayern in terms of holding them back! we can do it!!!

bayern showed they struggle to defend against us… we simply need more attacking bravery and they will crack!!

madrid or barca would play to attack and win… show little respect… if we want to win… we must do the same!


We played well and deserved to win it,but we lost concerntration a bit that was why we conceded that silly goal..welbeck should learn how to score goals..Mata is cup-tied,he won’t be available.

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