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The lack of fight from David Moyes is hurting the club

In time this season will be referred to as the season of setbacks, false dawns and denunciation. Characterised by the all to frequent exasperated expression on the face of a man who has aged a decade in only six months.

No doubt in time, we as fans will reminisce on Moyes’ maiden season, but let it be assured such memories will ultimately be of sorrow and regret upon which the enduring image will be that of a forlorn figure, a proud man, but a man who was broken by the burden of managing the biggest club in the world.

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Nobody wants to see Moyes fail, even those of whom were highly critical of his initial appointment would rather see him turns things around and prove them wrong. His most consistent critics have had to take a step back from the constant condemnation and perpetual swipes, not because they have been convinced of him as a manger but because the situation has become uncomfortably unnerving. Its almost got to the stage were people have begun to feel sorry for the man who is supposed to be, not just managerially adept but strong minded enough to believe he can carry the club forward. Does Moyes truly believe this? Even more importantly, do the current crop of underachieving players?

It is blatantly obvious that the job is taking its toll on Moyes, not just because of the evident exhaustion emanating from his face and body language but because his pre and post match comments are becoming more and more nonsensical. Surely a man in the right frame of mind would not dare suggest United “aspire to be at City’s level”, the same city that only 10 months ago finished 11 points behind United. Nor would an able minded manager suggest that their fiercest of rivals are favourites for a match in which they are the away team. From day one Moyes’ handling of the media, has, lets just say, left a lot to be desired. His press conferences have been drab and dour characterised by negative tactical talk such as “containment” and uninspiring rhetoric’s such as “we will try”.


Moyes infatuation with not losing, in his first few months in charge emerged from the sheer magnitude of the pressure he was under as Sir Alex’s successor. Since then however, on the back of a number of poor performances he has had to play more expansive and open football, not remotely exciting mind you – but this too has been as ineffective, culminating in inconsistent results and poor performances.

As mentioned in almost every Moyes related blog out there, and there is a lot, many of Moyes’ critics base their argument on the sincere lack of any obvious style of play or overt plan. While this is a stick that detractors can quite rightfully beat him with, my beef is born from the fact that there is a total lack of fight and pride for the United shirt. Admittedly, the players to a certain extent must take some flack for this but as alluded to earlier, Moyes doesn’t exactly exhibit expressions of inspiration, nor could his discourse be associated with motivation.


As Moyes waved the white flag of surrender yesterday with his “aspiring to be City” comments, let me point you in the direction of a less talked about occurrence but one that perhaps tells us more about the precarious position we find ourselves in. As Moyes was quizzed about his use of Mata in the post match press conference he edged to door, half answering the question, another reporter butted in referring to remarks Scholes made about the misuse of Mata. Moyes declined to answer, got up and walked out. Instead of standing tall in defiance and answering the question Moyes characterised his team’s inherent lack of fight in one instance.

Its not quite curtains for Moyes but all indication suggest that the burden of the job is taken its toll on the man tasked with succeeding Sir Alex. A thankless job may be, but the least that is expected is fight and pride for the red shirt. Unfortunately, at the moment, such attributes cannot be said of the alarmingly fragile man who happens to be manager of the great club that is Manchester United.

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14 replies on “The lack of fight from David Moyes is hurting the club”

i hope this brings about something exciting vs villa… but vs munich… carrick starts and thats gonna b the end of that 🙁

i would love to see
de gea
rafael jones smalling/vidic buttner
fellaini fletcher
mata kagawa rooney

Being critical of Moyes has almost reached the “kicking a dog whilst it’s down” stage. On a human level, I don’t want to see him going through his own personal hell. Moyes needs to be put out of his misery, for all our sakes.

would not argue with that team set up…………………not that sure about wellbeck all the time…….but Rooney Kagawa and Mata as long as kagawa is in the middle two 10’s I would play youth and strict instructions Vidic is/was great..but is leaving and after Bayern should start to be drawn down in play time

anyway above would start the real ball playing mids together carrick has to go maybe bench time Fletcher wears the game on his sleave that is charismatic

ok now we all know moyes was n still is never de ryt man for the job. hes not ready for diz big machine. anyway it isnt his fault,he never dreamt of it so he never vouch to manage United. he was jus minding his business wen ferguson handed him a gift he couldn’t turn down,u mean who could ryt??? moyes just resign n find a team like former everton to manage. n enough of de favouritism n nepotism by de board.stop hes not British thing n choose by merit

Last season us City fans had to take a lot of stick for, apparently, the worst defence of a title (even though we did finish 2nd, I presume the reference was inferring to the points difference). Could someone confirm if THIS is indeed the worst defence of the premier league title and if so could you all bend over, stick your fat hairy arses in the air, and shove your own ffffing words up you holes. Please video the occasion and post on you tube. Ahhhhhh, Karma. Don’t you just love it.

Well it looks like L’pool /City for the league……Everton to take 4 th and we will be left with Moyes rebuilding program……from what HE has destroyed…
Ah well High noon on April fool’s day from an absolute footballing numptie….
As he will sing to his missus on Tuesday Night ….Do not forsake me oh my darling

The bottom line is,”who really knows whats happening”.We ,supporters the press and football lovers in general can all see without a doubt that Moyes just is not motivating the players in any positive direction and probably has lost the dressing room.There is only Moyes,imprint on the lack of consistancy and style of play.As with recent developments with other Clubs at the top of the EPL,as regards the wealth of the owners.Just maybe United,under the present Glazer family setup will find it hard to compete even though the Club is huge.Moyes has allready spent 64mill on 2 playes he cant motivate under his tactics.Just dont know what the board can still see in Moyes,what us other football mortals cant for the life of us any more.

When Fergie had a difficult start on his career here one of the most used arguments against him was that he was so ‘boring’. The fans was used ‘bigger then life’ Big Ron. When this shy guy arrived from Scotland, the so called experts on everything, said he did not have the personality to manage a club like United.

Merlin – were you actually around then? I certainly was.

Yes, Fergie was given time. Because he arrived as a CHAMPION with a winning, superior air about him. He had already knocked Celtic abd Rangers off their perch, and had won a European trophy too. He had LOADS of personality and drive and was never referred-to as boring – so I don’t know which experts you are quoting.

He inherited a club with a drinking culture that he had to sort out, and restart the youth conveyor belt that ground to a halt under Sir Matt when going for the European Cup glory. (I was around then too).

So – only a small difference between a winning, confident champion inheriting a club with lots of issues, and a never-won-anything cap-doffer inheriting a club that has (had, now) success oozing out of every pore!!!

Thankyou, Mr Everyman – I had forgotten that very minor point!!!! 🙂

But, as Ringo said to John Lennon – “It’s all in the mind”. Fergie came to Old Trafford as a winner with a winning attitude.

Moyes has arrived at Old Trafford from a very mediocre background with an inferiority complex of the bigger clubs – that is not the right mental state or personality to run the biggest club in the world. As Moyes himself said – “Aspiring to be City”. I rest my case.

The mantra “Give him time” is a complete red herring.

When you compare Ferguson and Moyes track record prior to joining United there is no comparison.

Ferguson arrived as a proven winner and was champing at the bit to get on with reviving United’s fortunes. Moyes turns up as a non-winner looking like a rabbit caught in the headlights, in awe of the job.

Ferguson had an almighty task when he arrived and needed some time. But he knew what he was doing, got on with it, ruffled a few feathers and created an empire.

Moyes arrived clueless, cautious and given what has happened this season, all the time in the world will not make him a champion manager.

He simply isn’t up to the job.

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