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Manchester United 0-3 Liverpool – A view from the East Stand

A 9 hour all round train journey, several buses, an uncomfortable tram journey, lots of money and voice, as well as a night at my Grandparents house. This was all done with the underlying aspiration that I would see Manchester United triumph over my most hated football club on the planet. Prior to the encounter the odds were emphatically stacked against United. Despite this, I had an air of real confidence about the game. This is only down to my excellent record whilst being at Old Trafford, since 2005 I’d attended around 30 home games and only seen United lose once, that occasion being the 1-2 loss to West Brom earlier in the season. So whenever I make the trip to Manchester all statistics, positions in the table, form of key players and quality of the opposition that I usually contemplate and worry about completely fly out the window.

Manchester United fans waves their Green and Gold Scarves

This feeling grew (as it often does) when I was stood in a passionate and hostile East stand. The sheer noise and expectation was so vivid that by the time the teams came out I was convinced we would win 5-0. Unfortunately, this confidence diminished the moment Daniel Sturridge squandered a fantastic opportunity in the opening exchanges. From then on I maintained my confident exterior, still shouting and chanting, but under the surface I was nothing but an agitated and nervous wreck. The problems on the pitch were very much still apparent, and as I foreshadowed, Mata wasn’t allowed any sort of space and attacking moves were nullified by an incredibly well organised Liverpool defence. This meant the ball wasn’t moving out to the flanks which only put Fellaini under more pressure. This caused serious problems in the middle of the park, Carrick just about dealt with the pressure but Fellaini unfortunately was too often caught in possession and out of position; meaning that Liverpool attacks were expansive and forceful.


Undoubtedly, there were glimpses of good play from the home side, Adnan Januzaj managed to keep the crowd in good voice with some blistering runs and Phil Jones further established himself as Manchester United’s more competent stalwart with some eviscerating tackles. Sadly though, these efforts proved in vein when Rafael (who had looked out of place all game) handled the ball and the first penalty was awarded against Manchester United since November 2011 when Demba Ba of Newcastle converted. Like Ba, Gerrard converted in front of the Stretford end. Half time comes and I just sit there in a mood.

The second half arrives and the worst possibility actually takes place. Liverpool are awarded another penalty within a minute of the game restarting. All of Moyes’s tactics and advice given at half time were sabotaged by some crisp play from Liverpool but also generally through some quite shambolic defending. Gerrard once again converts and by this time my voice is almost completely gone. Wayne Rooney urges the crowd to raise their noise levels. Sadly the damage has been done; a depleted Old Trafford becomes irate at the turgid display of football and Moyes’s inability to make a substitution. Soon it turns a bit ugly in the stands; chants regarding Hillsborough and Heysel are fired towards the Liverpool contingent who replies by mimicking planes in reference to the Munich air disaster. With the exchanges of abuse in full swing, Liverpool are remarkably awarded another penalty. Fortunately, Gerrard’s spot kick hits the post which denied him an illustrious hat trick at Old Trafford. This sparks life into the stands, a wave of energy and passion is rife everywhere you look inside Old Trafford, sadly this doesn’t transpire onto the pitch. Even when Luis Suarez netted Liverpool’s third, the vast majority inside the Theatre of dreams continued to chant the, ‘Twenty times, Twenty times, Man United’ song until the final whistle. Except for one gentleman stood in front of me, who was in tears.


As I began to get stomach pains and mild nausea from all the chanting, it dawned on me that no matter how poor the football is, how far away we are from the top 4 and how ridiculed we are, Manchester United are the biggest club in the world and always will be. Purely because of the sheer magnitude of the club, we will pull through this rocky period and establish ourselves on world football in the near future. It’s a testament that other clubs would rather point out Manchester United’s flaws instead of praising the opposition.

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By Leo Nieboer

Mourning the loss of Danny Welbeck

36 replies on “Manchester United 0-3 Liverpool – A view from the East Stand”

if theres one thing moyes has showed…. its that the fans that attend our matches are absolutely AMAZING!!!! loud and proud even in the face of humiliation! I love this club, but the manager is ruining the team!

i have tried to support the manager, but it reaches a point where how can you!!???

always said kagawa should be playing, and i will continue to stand by that. there is no excuse for saying he cannot be fitted into the team, as mata still plays (out of position just like kagawa) even though he has been far less effective. kagawa at least gets back and tackles, and always get on the ball. mata has to be brought into the game, but if done so can be world class.

stand by the fab five of mata kagawa janujaz rooney RVP

moyes is a fool for thinking he can win with only 4 attacking players. i mean seriously… FOUR attacking players only????????

utd are not a team that field a squad to counter opposition attack…. were the team that pressure you so much you struggle to attack, or if your good enough, a great match of end to end football. i want to see utd risk it!! entertain us!!

if moyes was in this postion but the football was attacking and we genuinely just had bad look in front of goal… i would be saying lets give him time, hes trying!!!

but currently we have to endure watching our team have less of the ball and produce fewer goal scoring attempts at home to one of our biggest rivals!

moyes is toooooo afraid… and manchester united have no room for fear!

please stay there moyes,as for being the biggest club in the world,my god you mancs are pure delusional and beyond a joke,you allways come out with that one and its pure fiction and you know it mancs.why your allways coming out with that one is weird especially as its not true,you make yourselves sound stupid but then again your fans allways talk pure drivel,glory hunting parasites most of you but now youre just another club now that the red nose one has gone,so know more intimidating the refs and the media to get youre own way,in other words your shite club has been cheating there way in games for over 20 years,but like I said mancs youre just another club so get used to it.

why are you on a manchester united website??? lol

and i think we can call ourselves one of the biggest clubs in the world…. from what i heard people were selling city vs barca stock outside old trafford cus barca fans fully booked our stadium tour upto the start of the game lol

2 things about the “glory hunting phrase”
firstly just shows jealousy at the magnitude of our success… secondly i believe this season has shown our support for the club has only grown since our dip in form

but generally i take that statement as a compliment to the club, so thanks for dropping by a man utd site and actually complimenting us 😀

What a load of shot 0-3 get over it how does it feel being the laughing stock of the prem league someone wrote awhile back that liverpool were on their way back well we are back same old scousers great to be back on the preach ynwa

Don’t tell me you got the train up from London? Prawn sandwich eating, glory hunting bell end. This blog is a load of deluded tosh, you are not even the best team in Manchester.

Go back to supporting Arsenal.

So you was one of the scumbags chanting about hillsborough & gerrard.
Shit fans who can only sing anti scouse was singing that crap from the first minute.
btw, congrats for the last 5 minutes when you stopped slinging the insults & actually got behind your team.

5 Things to know about Man United – Olympiakos 1. 0-2. 2, 0-2. , 3. 0-2. 4. 0-2. 5, 0-2. all everyone needs to know about the coming match on keep smiling

Lets hope the Greeks twist the knife further.Then City to inflict more damage. Moyes is well on course for undoing all the hard work fergie did….All in the space of one season. Shite football and no pattern of play. Only 4.5 years to go 🙂 Oh and remember now, ‘Your job now is to stand by your new manager.” HAHAHAHA. United are utter dog toffee

30 home games since 2005 .. about 3-4 per season. Get off the site and leave informed opinion to those who go to the match. Don’t make yer silly claims about being and always being the biggest football club in the world .. even you know deep down thats just ” dreaming ”
Yer manager yes is making a great big mess of things but don’t ever forget he is the ” chosen one ” although Fergie himself is still hanging round like a ” bad penny “,
Yer man needs time so to all you mancs give him it .. and he may just get things moving. After all it can’t get much worse and he didnt immediately elevate Everton from where he found them !!
As for us .. next season we should be ready for a good shot at the title and see if we can knock City of the perch they’re gonna be sitting on !!!! ynwa

mufc4eva that’s my point exactly,your statement just like youre pathetic cockroach fans try to justify everything,please don’t take it as a compliment that ive come onto your shit fans site,cause ive only come on here to wind you twats up,and just for the record your fans never say youre one of the biggest clubs in the world,no they allways say that you are,talk about having a complex about your,wake up mancs and realise whatever crap you come up with from now on doesn’t mean jack shit anymore,just another club now that the Rudolf has disappeared into retirement,accept it cause it aint gonna get better for a long time you fucking parasite manc cunts.

LMAO!!!! honestly nick, if your intention is to wind us up…. it certainly aint working on me…. your actually making me feel better about our season for the simple fact it just shows how JEALOUS all the other fans are.

it really is true… when your at the TOP…. all the others below LOVE to see you fall!!! and your efforts here seriously just show how high we are, even with this blip… which it is!!!

and by the way…. referencing YOUR words… “wake up mancs and realise whatever crap you come up with from now on doesn’t mean jack shit”… i highlight the use of the word “now”…. what this simply means is that the reference of us being the top team previously was justified… but with this blip it no longer us. so you have essentially stated manchester united were justifiably the biggest team in the world before moyes took over, but he has made us loose that status. seriously nick…. your not annoying me at all, because i agree with that completely. moyes has ruined our status, but i believe tomorrow may be the change!

if moyes has the slightest bit of sense… and i just mean 1 single brain cell inclined to a football winning mentality, then he will start kagawa. this in turn will give us the potential to win and go through. if against all odds of biology this brain cell undergoes mitosis, then he may continue to use kagawa which may then in turn allow us to battle the rest of the season and save some of our grace.

but unless that 1 cell kicks in… hes gonna need a lot of transfers!

whichever team you support. i just hope they sign carrick… cus that guy WHACK!!!!

you say it wont get better for a long time… but i bet your wrong!

I would just like to say i wish you the worst luck tomorrow night as that will be your ultimate failure and also hope moyes stays also new 10 year contract please. manc glory hunters to were you belong. Bottom three. There is no chance of moyes being a success until fergie disappears out of shit hole ( old trafford).


ohhhhhh…. YNWA = liverpol fans….. fair play i suppose…. enjoy the glory whilst you can…. as much as i hate this season so far purely on the basis i feel moyes has killed our attacking instinct your entitled to enjoy your glory…. but really you cant say much unless you actually win the league. just remember that. finishing above us in a season is one thing…. actually winning the damm thing is a compeltely different thing… if you ever do….then you have a right to flood our fan pages 😉

You know you younger men haven’t a clue, when you get older you realise that both cities are exactly the same, same kind of working class people with working class ideals and to those of either fans who sing these kind of things should hang your heads in shame you’ll realise this when your older, lets face it the premier league would be garbage if both these great institutions didn’t exist along side each other, so in fact if you really like football and the competition that goes with, then you should applaud each other for the excitement they both bring us week in week out!


you do realise…. 20 a MUCH bigger number than 5?????

we have won the champions league 3 times…. 2 behind you

we have won the premier league 20 times…. 20 AHEAD of you….

ummmmmm….. we could beat your record within the next 2 years if moyes pulls out a minor miracle and plays that fabfive

you would need 21+ years and a miracle we dont win the premier league to beat our record

so basically… your record in threat…. ours….. baaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha

it aint ever gonna happen…. and you can print this off, laminate it…. engrave it in stone… whatever…. you wont win the premier league more times than us… NEVER!!!! the league will be renamed before you ever come close!!!

Why you laughing MUFC4EVA? Your team is shagged.You’ve spunked over 70 mill this season.Your miles from the top 4. The style of football you play under Moyes WILL NEVER CHANGE, EVER. I really hope your board trust him with another 100 million. Look how you’ve fallen in 3/4 of season HAHAHAHAHA. These next 4 1/2 years are going to hilarious under him. The world is laughing at how fast you’ve fallen
Well done fergie getting him in. You played a blinder

Mufc have won the Premier League 20 times? 20 ahead of Lfc you say? Your own fans are likely to hang their heads in embarrassment when they read that uneducated, nonsense claim. You just proved yourself to be a clueless glory hunter with that hilarious statement mate. You don’t need me to point out everything that’s inaccurate about it.

Redhack possibly my bad for not stating it exactly, but im just on about the Barclays premier league, hence why i said the league would probably be renamed before Liverpool even come close to 21 wins

as far as in aware Blackburn may have won the Barclays league once, but Liverpool haven’t 😀

Davy boy job is safe, all liverpool fans are happy with that, it has been said he is the love child of old red nose that is why his job is safe

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