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Robin not so reliant?

A not so familiar site for reds yesterday as the fourth official held up his board revealing that number 20 would be vacating the field. Van Persie himself didn’t look too chuffed with the managers decision, the Dutchman’s little shake of his head portraying his frustrated emotions.

The fact of the matter is, last season the striker was so valuable to this United side you wouldn’t dream of seeing him being withdrawn with United still only having the slender lead of a one goal advantage. In fact, Moyes himself a few weeks ago wouldn’t have dreamt of removing United’s talisman from the field of play, it was only back a few months ago he admitted that he was almost afraid to take the Dutchman off due to the threat of uproar from Old Trafford’s support. This was a statement of authority by Moyes however, he is in control and Van Persie is no longer the key figure he was under Sir Alex Ferguson.


It would be completely wrong to dismiss the players ability and huge influence he still has on this United side though. Lets not forget he has still bagged four goals since his return from injury; and his beautifully weighted free kick yesterday, which provided the assist for United’s opener, evokes he is still very much a player you want at this football club. The sad part of this tale however is the player no longer looks content with life in Manchester, his heart is not fully in it, and if reports are to believed, he could well be off on his bike in the summer. It should be noted in fairness to the player that despite the obvious shake of his head at The Hawthorns however, he also gracefully accepted Moyes’s hand as he departed the field. We have seen a lot worse reactions from players being taken off over the years. In all honesty though, not even Van Persie’s biggest fans could stake a valued claim that the player shares a healthy relationship with manager David Moyes.

We then move on to contemplating life at Old Trafford without Robin Van Persie. Other big fish have left the pond in the past, there’s no need to drop names but a certain Cristiano Ronaldo was a player who had a similar level of influence as to what the Dutch international currently has on the side. Looking back to yesterday in Birmingham, the reds certainly seemed to benefit from the player’s removal, and the team looked far more free as they went on to play their best football of the game, bagging two more goals in the process. It will have been pleasing for Moyes to see Danny Welbeck get on the score sheet, a player he is clearly a huge admirer of and also in some sorts it sent a message to Van Persie that his place in the team is no longer guaranteed.

Robin van Persie Manchester United vs West Brom

Whether the 30 year old actually is set for the Old Trafford exit door come the summer is still very much just an open question, but it may not be just that straight forward for him. He is still only two years into his £180,000 a week deal, an United could well play hard ball in a similar way as the Wayne Rooney saga. Any club wishing to secure the Dutchman’s services will have to pay a price that suits United, it won’t be cheap and the players age would have to be taken into serious consideration for any possible suitors. The newspapers claim that he may be used as luggage in a swap deal for one of Juventus’s cabinet full of midfielder’s, and the reds would also look to swoop for £60million pound Cavani as replacement. This all helps create great articles for people to read, all far more interesting than the scenario that last seasons top goalscorer might just put his anchor down in Manchester.

It cannot be argued against the statement that Robin Van Persie has not been as prolific as last season in a red shirt this campaign, despite injuries blighting his chance to get a real run of form. Despite scoring fourteen goals for David Moyes’s side in all competitions the striker for some reason doesn’t look half as dangerous this time around. Perhaps a bit unfair but that chance he blazed over the bar in Athens is not that of a player oozing in any confidence or self belief. On occasions yesterday he looked frustrated and desperate at times, losing the ball and appealing for decisions in attempts to save his blushes. Winning breeds happiness amongst any set of players, this individual in question certainly seems a more contented footballer when his side are winning, something United haven’t done all to regular this season. The retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson might also just have hurt the 30 year old more than most, he was after all the driving force of the players decision to leave his boyhood club and a good manager in Arsene Wengar behind.


In summary, United no longer have that reliant Robin that won the club their trophy back last season. What they do still have though is a player that is world class on his day, still one of the best strikers in the world and still a born match winner. They also do have a player who isn’t entirely satisfied with life at present. Yesterday just touched the surface of the underlying problem, and also exhibited United’s ability to cope without him. The signing of a certain Juan Mata already proving he can plug the gap of the quality needed in a United side. Overall, Manchester United will have one hell of a dilemma on their hands come the summer, the ball however remains very much in United’s court. This saga should very much be labelled as, ‘to be continued’.

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8 replies on “Robin not so reliant? ”

Dear Alex, You did not state why RvP was taken off. It was because he had a yellow card earlier and was looking towards a sending off on Saturday..Moyes did the right thing as we have some crucial games coming up.

This article is rubbish. Van Persie was having an average game by his standards, was lucky to not have been booked twice already, and played 90mins for the Netherlands after being sick during the week. He was subbed off for his own protection and shook his head because he was obviously unhappy with his own performance

If he want to go let him even its great opportunity to make a deal with arsenal or another big team. We can bring good central midfielder or central defender

I know rvp is a good scorer but we already have rooney. And rvp is 30 now and rooney 28. By let him go he will bring big money to us and we can buy central midfielder

Every-one keeps saying we played more fluent football when he was subbed, please watch again, we started playing more fluently when Kagawa came on in his CAM position and Rooney was moved wide.
If it is just a blip in form for Rvp and not the rumors flying about then we would be foolish to let him go but while his sruggles persist I would like to see Kagawa kept in that position and Rooney the main striker.

I don’t know why Its absolutely necessary for RVP to play 90 mins any player can be subed…..i don’t think he us pissed off or wants to leave you can’t just leave Man Utd except we don’t really want you…Beckhams,n the rest all left when we basicllly told them to fuck off…..RVP wants to stay he can and I think he does…i think people just mking more out of the situation. Henansez might leave though I mean he can’t even play over welbeck

James Wilson should be given the opportunity during the last few games if CL spot is completely out of reach mathematically. I see some delusional fans whining about Hernandez who is one of the most overrated players and the defenders these day just use offside trap to make him ineffective.
News Flash !!! Chicharito can’t dribble, he needs too many touches to control the ball and his technique is similar to that of a 12 year old. His team play is also bad.

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