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CONFIRMED SQUAD: Olympiacos vs Manchester United

Olympiacos vs Manchester United

(UEFA Champions League)



Olympiacos vs Manchester United streaming links if you’re interested in watching the match live online.


The Manchester United team news for the game against Olympiacos at Karaiskakis Stadium in the UEFA Champions League has just been released:

shakhtar donetsk vs manchester united squads

Starting XI:

de Gea

Smalling, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra

Valenica, Carrick, Cleverley, Young


van Persie

Subs: Lindegaard, Buttner, Kagawa, Fellaini, Giggs, Hernandez, Welbeck


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By Jack Holt

Once got told off by Steve Bruce.

5 replies on “CONFIRMED SQUAD: Olympiacos vs Manchester United”

Moyes is jst Useless. Hw can u play d 2 lazy English midfielders I d centre role n another lazy defender nt 2 talk of Young. I knw he’ll bring in Welbeck 2 make it all english affair. Sentiments, is it only d english player dat want 2 go 2 world cup. Dis is useless, Moyes is a confuse man he shld walk out of d team if he can’t build his character n mentality. My team is in great help, only luck can make us score goals. GGMU

Well dithering Dave has done it again…..we were going to do a Chelsea or Liverpool in Europe…….according to this genius……The team is simply NOT responding to him……because they know..&..we know that he is simply useless,inept,no tactical sense,poor training methods,poor selections,and clueless at assessing players…..It is Moyes and his bunch of bumbling amateurs that have turned trophy laden United into last year’s Everton………Please can someone inform the muppets that own the club…..SACK THIS MAN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!….IT WON’T GET BETTER NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY HE SPENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the score is………2. 0………AND WE ARE OUT…….DO NOT DELUDE YOURSELF………UNLESS MOYES IS SACKED NOW……WE ARE GONERS!……………Another first…..The Greek team’s 1st win in the knock out stages!………I rest my case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as far as my current count goes…. im pretty sure carrick has been responsible for us conceding about 3 goals within the past couple of months, and has offered practically nothing in terms of attack. how he still warrants a place i am at loss for any understanding.

i was genuinely hopeful for the inclusion of kagawa…. but then moyes makes modifications that are suicidal to attack.

this match is proof rooney is wasted dropping deep! he is not a midfielder… he is not a “number 10″… he is a striker!! when used as one he scores bucketloads of goals!!! when hes used as a number 10 he struggles to effectively influence the game!

moyes has no concept of shape, and his substitutes showed that!

were welbeck was supposed to be playing i have no idea, although not where he should be.. he should have been shifted to the left wing!

rooney should have been forced to finally partner RVP, with kagawa being given the responsibility of feeding them! and carrick should have been forced to stop cowering behind vidic and ferdinand! i feel for smalling SLIGHTLY lol… cus it appeared he really sturggled with his boots for some reason, but why they didnt sort that i have no idea, so maybe he was just drunk? i dunno.. hence the SLIGHTLY lol

kagwa showed 1 glimpse of why i am right in how him and rooney should be played, where rooney (in attack) outsidfe the box flicked it to kagwa who neatly found i think evra… but after that it was just forgetable 🙁

however, if my desired midfield attack of janujaz kagwa mata was used, that neat ball would have been to janujaz and boy could things have actually happened!

moyes and co continue to act like a bunch of imbeciles (yh i had to use spell check for that lol), by think that just putting players on the pitch should just work! well in that case a sterring wheel in the boot, and accelerator pedal on the bonet should be the design plan of Lamborghini’s next car co-designed by moyes!

yes the team were terrible individual and even worse so collectively, but what really hampered things was that that central pair consisted of two of the worst possible pairings (out of carrick fletcher or cleverley) you cant do it… i have said it after each match they have played cus the results are horrific!!! centre of midfield is the heart of the engine… if its set defensively… then god help you! and in this case… god could not have helped us any more because olympiakos were terrible!

for all of cleverleys faults… i would choose him of carrick any day of the week! for a player that is a regular starter… carrick is a joke… for a player that barely starts… can you really expect a huge amount more from cleverley? and kagawa… he needs at least 3 straight games playing in 4-1-3-2… fellaini needs to be our holding midfielder and mata janujaz kagawa working behind the strikers… i would actually say hernandez welbeck deserve the next match cus rooney RVP need time out!

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