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Arsenal vs Manchester United - United's Starting XI?

So, erm… where do we begin? United travel to The Emirates on the back of what has to be one of the lowest points of the season. Many of the United faithful are struggling to see a future with Moyes and some sections off the crowd booed the team after the match against Fulham. I suppose the only positive is that Arsenal took a beating at the hands of Liverpool on the weekend, so they may slightly fragile and vulnerable… we hope. I think we’ll see a bit of a change from Moyes – who really needs to rally up the team if we are going to take the three points we desperately need. Here is how I think we’ll line up.

Could De Gea have done better in the build up to Darren Bent’s equaliser on the weekend? Probably. I doubt this will see him dropped though. He’s saved us more points than he has cost us and I expect to see him start once again against Arsenal.

Could we see the return of Rio at the heart of the United defence? I’m not too sure because I don’t think Moyes is a big fan right now and despite Rio dismissing rumours he is set to retire, I think it is likely he will. He has signed a three year deal with BT Sports and there isn’t much left in the legs at his age, he’s been too good a servant to the club to see his career fizz out on the bench. I’m going to take a gamble and say he’ll start alongside Vidic, with Evra and Rafael on either side of the centre backs.

In my opinion, we’ve been playing the wrong shape. Mata is going to be far more effective from the number ten position than he is from the wing. I don’t even know why Moyes would contemplate playing him anywhere else. For me, against Arsenal at least, we should line up with Carrick in the centre with Giggs to the left of him and Fletcher to the right – in a kind of 4-3-2-1 formation with the two players in the hole coming back when needed for a 4-5-1. I think this would allow us creative freedom in going forward whilst protecting the back four by putting the extra men in the midfield on the defence.

Van Persie has scored five times in the fixture, three in the last three games against Arsenal. I think he should be, and will be, our deep lying striker, ready to pounce on any loose balls with Mata and Rooney sat behind him creating the chances. Rooney is more your come into midfield and take the ball man, whereas Mata is more the deliverer of the final ball – not too say Rooney can’t but this is how I imagine the team would work best.

Predicted XI

De Gea

Rafael Ferdinand Vidic Evra

Fletcher Carrick Giggs

Mata Rooney

Van Persie

Who do you think will be in Manchester United’s starting XI against Arsenal? Comment in the section below.

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11 replies on “Arsenal vs Manchester United - United's Starting XI?”

one of the WORST starting 11s I have ever seen. with that team we can expect 5 from the gunners.
Considering injuries and worse alternatives, this would be my starting 11.

De Gea
Rafael, Vidic, Smalling, Evra
Jones, Carrick
Mata, Kagawa, Januzaj

Ideal Active Subs: RVP (Rooney, Mata or Kagawa), Fellaini (Carrick) Valencia (Januzaj)

Team will still be compromised by Vidic and Evra starting.

This line up isn’t bad…may be worst. But i think ot wpuld be better Januzaj replaces A.young whereas Rvp should be dropped.
I don’t see A.young delivery better to Januzaj’s contributions lately. Moyes should be cautious with hos line up..

All imgonna say is you say moyes is silly for playing Mata out wide, but has there ever been that sort of opinion for Kagawa?

hence my continued support for Kagawa, since he has been here he has barely had any opportunity in his no 10 role or whatever. So how can u write him off?

Kagawa is a good creative player but he is a bit easy to get past.Whoever is picked we can only hope Moyes’ football brain can read whats appening on the pitch early on and make the right adjustments.Easier said than done.Anyway Wenger can be really stubourn as well.Lets hope they have a decent game.

01 de Gea
02 Rafael
03 Evra
23 Cleverley
12 Smalling
15 Vidic
25 Antonio Valencia
16 Carrick
20 van Persie
10 Rooney
08 Mata

05 Ferdinand
13 Lindegaard
14 Hernández
18 Young
28 Büttner
31 Fellaini
44 Januzaj

confirmed !!!

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