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CONFIRMED SQUAD: Manchester United vs Fulham

Manchester United vs Fulham

(Barclays Premier League)



Manchester United vs Fulham streaming links if you’re interested in watching the match live online.


The Manchester United team news for the game against Fulham at Old Trafford in the Barclays Premier League has just been released:

shakhtar donetsk vs manchester united squads

Starting XI:

de Gea

Rafael, Smalling, Vidic, Evra

Young, Carrick, Fletcher, Mata


van Persie

Subs: Lindegaard, Ferdinand, Kagawa, Januzaj, Giggs, Hernandez, Valencia


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By Jack Holt

Once got told off by Steve Bruce.

5 replies on “CONFIRMED SQUAD: Manchester United vs Fulham”

Can someone please tell David Moyes that,Mata is not good on the wings but rather in the middle?He should change his tactics if he wants us to qualify for the champions league.

like i said…. its kagawa all over again!!! kagawa and mata CENTRAL ATTACKING PLAYERS!!! them 2 in the middle, valencia janujaz wings… rooney RVP up front = variety of attack and more creativity than 80+ useless crosses from the wing!

Once again that scumbag manager gets it wrong picking trashley young over wonderkid januzaj, sack him now for the good of the club. No darling welbeck thou thank god as he god awful, time to sellmoyseys boyfriend to level he belongs, championship.

my frustrations with the utd team selections are continually building!

my genuine belief is that moyes has no sense!

my analysis of this match is that moyes really has no sense… after all there was about 80-90 crosses from the wings, and or goals were not the result of a cross from the wing. this alone i believe says enough for itself. there simply is no plan B if plan A fails (cross from the wing) and i believ that is purely because he team is built on 2 holding midfielders.

firstly look at mata… de ja vu with kagawa. put him on the wing!! all those that agree with this please look at the game!! like kagawa mata keeps cutting into the middle! we waste width! width is not just to put a cross in but open up space!!

the solution is simple…. put carrick and fletcher on the bench… regarding carrick… all those that say he played well… yh he kinda did… finally… all we have to do now is play him against the team bottom of the table to get a decent performance out of him. all those that say kagawa has contributed nothing… well bearing in mind carrick has played practically all the games he posibly can.. he has only just scored his first goal of the season!

so i see no reason to play carrick ahead of kagawa. fletcher is decent, but doesnt have the energy we need. mata needs a central role with someone that likes to pass smartly!! kagawa!!

we need 2 wingers… janujaz and valencia the top 2… young ok but when janujaz given regular play he simply produces more useful opportnities in the game.

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